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Everything you need to know if Nepal Telecom SIM is Blocked / Restricted

Generally, after purchasing a Telecom prepaid SIM card, it can be used for 180 days of activation. After that, the term of the SIM card is extended as per the recharge.
For example, a top-up of Rs 50 adds 30 days, a recharge of Rs 100 adds 60 days, a recharge of Rs 500 adds one year and a recharge of Rs 1,000 adds two years. If you do not have a minimum amount of money left in your SIM or the SIM usage period has expired, the service will be unilateral.

This means that calls may come to your mobile but you cannot call others. In this way, if you do not top-up the SIM card within 30 days of unilateral service, the incoming call will also be blocked.

If the SIM is not recharged within 30 days of the two-way service being shut down, the SIM will be in a ‘frozen’ state.

FAQs if your Nepal Telecom SIM can be frozen, deactivate, restricted or block

What will happen if SIM reaches Frozen state?

Reaching the frozen state means that both the amount stored in your SIM and the SIM usage period is zero. Even if there is money stored in a SIM card, the period of using the SIM may have expired.

Does SIM cards works after being in Frozen state?

Even in this case, the SIM card service is closed in both directions. In this way, if you recharge the SIM card within 30 days, the old accumulated amount will be added. But the validity period of the SIM is maintained only according to the amount of money you have recharged.

What happens if my SIM card is frozen?

If your SIM card is frozen, the company can recycle and sell to new customers at any time as needed. The rules are a little different for telecom postpaid mobiles.

What happens after using the service exceeds credit limit?

If the amount due, due to the customer after using the service exceeds the credit limit, the service will be unilateral. Such unilateral service can last up to 90 days and the bill is not even added from the next month when the SIM is unilateral.

What happens if I don’t pay the due amount within 90 days of unilateral service?

If you do not pay the due amount within 90 days of unilateral service, the service will be terminated unilaterally and the SIM will be frozen.

If you do not pay within 90 days of the SIM being frozen, the SIM will be permanently terminated. You can use the same SIM number to pay Rs 560 reconnection fee within 180 days after reaching the SIM termination status.

How to resume the service within 90 days of going to Frozen?

In order to resume the service within 90 days of going to Frozen, you have to pay the remaining fee and go to the nearest telecommunication office or resume the service by phone and email.

What to do when abroad?

If you are abroad for employment or study, there is an option to prevent your SIM card from being recycled. For that, you can recharge your SIM (postpaid and prepaid) mobile wallet, online banking, etc. when you go abroad.

Is this conditions same for postpaid mobiles?

In the case of postpaid mobiles, the rental charge is being deducted on a monthly basis. At present, the monthly rental charge of Telecom’s postpaid mobile is Rs 300.

What are the reasons that my SIM can be blocked?

Your phone can become blocked in a number of ways – one of them is if you enter the wrong SIM card PIN number three times in a row.

Can a blocked SIM be unblocked?

 Unblocking is different from unlocking. To unblock your SIM card, you will need to use something called a PUK (Personal Unblocking Key).

How can I block my NTC SIM if it get lost?

To block your account Dial 1498 and ask to block your Pre-paid account by providing your security code.
In case, you find your mobile again and need to unblock your account you can do it by giving the same security code.

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