Best Zoom Alternatives For Video Conferencing

Best Zoom Alternatives For Video Conferencing

Don’t want to use Zoom because of its privacy concerns and data breaching rumors? Here are the best Zoom alternatives for video conferencing. You can use them as your preference.

More than millions of peoples are using Zoom these days as a video conferencing tool. You might also have used it. They have even feature to change the background image and add beauty filters.

But now are you bored with the same tool or pissed off with its 40 min limited free call service.
Here are the lists of other video conferencing applications.

Best Zoom alternatives for video conferencing

#1. Skype (free)

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The skype was very popular a few years back. But now there are more alternating tools, so they have lagged behind somewhere. Recently it has been back with a boom, Skype has launched 3 easy steps to make a meeting recently and it is being very popular. Describing its features, Skype can hold up to 50 maximum users. You can now make a call with a link, no need to signup, or have an account.
It’s free that can be used on Windows, Desktop application, IOS, Android, and Mac.

#2. Google Hangouts Meet (paid)

google hangout
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Google Meet is a rebranded name of Hangouts. It is equally popular now and widely being used instead of Zoom. Google Meet is a paid version in G-suite applications which allows having up to 250 participants in a video conference.
Google Meet also allows you to record meetings, share slides, and later save them in Google Drive. You can easily create a link and send it to all the participants to whom you want to request in a call.

#3. Discord (free)

Image Credit:Discord

Discord is another free alternative application to Zoom. This application is mainly popular among gamers, but everyone can use it. This is very secure with encrypted chats, video calls, and messaging. There’s a dedicated server for users to host video and text-based chats that can be organized into a room like slack.

This application is available in Mac, Windows, IOS, Android, and Linux.

#4. Zoho Meeting (paid)

Image Credit :Zoho

Zoho meeting is an open-source video conferencing service alternative to ZOom. It allows calls up to 100 people and participants no need to signup for a login. There is a link or dial-in-via web browsers, mobile applications, and desktop clients to access the meetings.

Zoho allows you to host end-to-end encrypted video meetings. It also has additional features like screen sharing, the ability to record calls, and moderation features. This application is also linked with Zoho’s office suite so you can pull the documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from there.

#5. Microsoft Teams (paid)

microsoft teams
Image Credit : Microsoft teams

Microsoft turned its Skype for business tool into Microsoft Teams which allows you to make a video conference up to 250 participants. Similarly like Skype, it allows you to screen sharing features and recording meetings.

Microsoft team is a paid software that starts with 5$ costs per month. Microsoft is making some changes to its offerings recently and updating frequently.
These are more Zoom alternatives for video conferencing.

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