Twitter Quote Tweets are just one click away now |2020|

Twitter Quote Tweets are just one click away now |2020|

Twitter is always updating its UI in order to make it more attractive for users. One of the latest updates is twitter quote tweet button is placed between like and retweet counts.

Twitter Quote Tweets after

Twitter Quote Tweets (tweets with comments) are an upper level of a retweet as quote tweet lets you say something along with retweet. A retweet cannot be customized and the quote tweets solve the problem as it provides information about the purpose of the retweet.

Before Twitter placed retweets with comments along with standard tweets but this new change puts them one click away instead of two. This new feature will save users time which would have been spending dealing with spam and irrelevant replies in a tweet thread.

Twitter Quote Tweets  before

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How to Quote Tweet ?

Go to the post you want to share then :

  1. Click the Retweet button 
  2. Click Retweet as Quote Tweet
  3. Add your own comment
  4. Select the Retweet button

How to delete a Twitter Quote Tweets ?

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Find the Quote Tweet you want to delete
  3. Click the  icon 
  4. Click Delete Tweet
  5. To confirm click Delete 
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