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Twitter adds voice messages in tweets, only on iOS for now

Twitter adds voice messages in tweets, only on iOS for now

Twitter is very popular among people. Now it has added more enhancement to its social network. Users on iOS are now able to add voice messages to their tweets on twitter. This will complement the short text-based messages and add more values to the users.

Twitter recently announced this feature in their official post on twitter.

twitter voice message

AS this feature has been rolled out for IOS users till date, when creating a new Tweet, they will have a button to add voice messages right next to the one that allows adding photos from the camera app or the gallery.

The twitter voice messages can be 140 seconds long (2 min, 20 sec), and then it can be replayed in a dedicated audio player.

Videos and GIFs are already playing in an in-house player, so the adding audio was a logical step by Twitter.

There’s no details about when Android users will receive it, but given how big this new option is, it is likely to appear sooner rather than later.

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