Enjoy Ncell Data Packs at Minimal Cost: ‘Data ko Fun, Always On’

Enjoy Ncell Data Packs at Minimal Cost: ‘Data ko Fun, Always On’

Ncell has come up with its new exciting offer ‘Data ko fun, Always On!’. Considering the needs of its customers, Ncell has brought this data offer. This offer allows its users to browse throughout the data at a minimal cost. Along with this offer, they provide bonus data too.

Data ko fun, Always On Ncell Data Packs

There are two types of packs from which the users can choose according to their choice. To enjoy these Ncell data packs, you need to activate it by dialing *17123# and you can choose the pack of your choice.

Pack/ValidityAll-time dataBonus data (11 PM-11 AM)Total data
1 day250 mb750mb1000mb
3 days600mb1800mb2400mb

Remember that the bonus data can only be used from 11 PM to 11 AM. These Ncell data packs can be used at any time of the day.

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Price of the Data Packs

Pack/ValidityPrice (excluding taxes)Price (including taxes)
1 dayRs.20Rs.25.54
3 daysRs.40Rs.51.08

When the data pack is over within the validity time, the data will stop. So stop worrying about the main balance deduction and surf fearlessly.

What is the validity of the bonus data?

The bonus data will last as same as the data pack. That means, if you purchase a 1-day data pack then the bonus data will be valid for 1 day and the same goes for the 3-day data pack.

What happens once the validity of the pack is over?

Once the validity of the pack you purchased will be over then the normal per MB data rate will be applied. Remember that the packs will not be renewed automatically. You need to repurchase the packs once its validity is over.

Can multiple Data ko fun, Always On Ncell data packs be purchased?

Yes. You can purchase as many Data ko fun, Always On Ncell data packs as you want.

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