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Ncell 4G Pocket WiFi Monthly 15 GB Data Only at Rs 499

Ncell 4G Pocket WiFi Monthly 15 GB Data Only at Rs 499

What is Ncell Pocket WiFi?

Pocket wifi is a special Wi-Fi service of Ncell which is specially designed for using the Internet. You cannot make voice calls or messages using this pocket SIM.

And this SIM isn’t an ordinary sim, it’s only applicable for the 4G network.

Day Pack and Night Pack of Ncell Pocket WiFi

There are two types of data packs available for this service. i.e Day Pack and Night Data Pack.
Both pack are available at the same price for a month.

The Day data pack includes 10 GB of data that can be used from 6 AM to 6 PM. Whereas, Night Data pack includes 5 GB data from 6 PM to 6 AM. Including both data costs you Rs. 499 (excluding tax) per month and Rs. 748.92 (including tax).

How to operate Pocket WiFi of Ncell?

To operate this pocket wifi SIM you can contact the nearest Ncell Centre that will setup you with GSM Wifi Router.

Along with that, it will give you a one-time SIM charge and monthly data charge at the rate of Rs. 748.92(with tax) with the initial setup.

Let me give you an overview of the activation charges from Ncell about Pocket Wifi.

Initial Setup Price of Ncell Pocket WiFi With and Without Tax

Price without TaxPrice including TaxTotal Price
Initial Setup fee(including Data)Rs. 579.80Rs. 169.11Rs. 748.92
Monthly FeeRs. 499Rs. 150.92Rs. 649.92

How to recharge the Pocket Wifi SIM every month?

For this, you can recharge online by going to the Ncell official website and use their Ecare service or call the nearest Ncell center for help.

With E-Care service you can insert recharge pin to recharge. But you need to login to that Ecare account to activate this service.

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What will happen if I finish my included resources earlier than a month, can I use the internet without buying any data pack?

After you use all the 10 GB data pack earlier than a month, you can buy 1 GB extra pocket wifi data pack that has a validity of 7 Days.

You can again use the ECare service of Ncell to activate and buy this data pack.

How will I know when my data pack expires?

The Data pack expires at exactly 1 hour from the time of subscription. The expiry time will also be given in the activation message while activating the pack.

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