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Ncell SMS Packages and Offers – 2020

Ncell SMS Packages and Offers – 2020

“Everything you need to know about Ncell SMS Services”

SMS is an easy way to share your emotions and celebrate success and happiness with your friends and family. We prefer sending text messages rather than calls for birthday wishes, anniversary invitations and other get together plannings.

Ncell had amazing SMS packages and offers for its users to share their emotions through texts. You can exchange short text messages with friends with Ncell users as well as friends of other mobile operators within and outside Nepal.

Lets deep dive into the content and see what Ncell has offer to its users.

Ncell SMS Packs and Services

Ramailo SMS in Ncell

Ramailo SMS is a service through which you can send SMS at just 10 paisa. You can get the one time or recurring Ramailo SMS service daily at just Rs. 2 (without tax).

How to activate Ramailo SMS in Ncell?

To activate this service you can Dial *17119# and follow the instructions.
Or you can also send a message by typing D1 for one-time and D for recurring and send it to 17119.

Is Ramailo SMS applicable for all networks or only within Ncell network?

It is only applicable for same network to message from Ncelll to Ncell. You will be charged regular rates to message for other networks.

What is Mazzako SMS?

Mazzako SMS is a monthly SMS package through which you can send as many as 1000 SMS at just Rs. 19 in a month.

How to activate Mazzako SMS offer in Ncell?

To activate this offer, dial *17119# and follow the instructions.

What to do if SMS exceeds 1000 in Mazzako SMS pack in Ncell?

The offer will now not applicable in your SMS and Ncell will charge you normal rate as per the tariff plans. i.e Rs 1.28 from Ncell to Ncell and Rs. 1.62 for other networks.

Is Mazzako SMS offers for prepaid and postpaid customers of Ncell?

Its only applicable for prepaid users not Postpaid.

How can I buy or Subscribe Nell SMS package?

To buy different SMS packages in Ncell first of all know about SMS packages by dialing *17119#. Or to buy SMS package through message, type code, and send it to 17119.
Type 5 to buy 150 SMS package and type 25 to buy 1000 SMS package.

How can I get free SMS from Ncell?

You can send free SMS through Ncell official mobile application.
Log in to Ncell app and ind free SMS section and simply send the messages. There is limitation of 160 characters in Ncell SMS.

How do you take monthly Ncell SMS pack ?

Monthly SMS pack is also know as Mazzako pack in Ncell.
You can get 1000 SMS at just Rs 19 for whole month.
To take this monthly pack dial *17119# and follow instructions or also you can type 25 and message it to 17119.

How can I send Ncell SMS without balance?

You can use Ncell official mobile application to send free SMS. But it limits only 160 characters.

How do I stop Ncell auto renewal SMS pack?

To stop the Ncell auto-renewal SMS pack you have to message to 17119.
-Type DR and send a text message to 17119 to deactivate Ramailo offer.

What to do if my message setting gets accidentally deleted or changed. How to reset message settings in Ncell?

Follow the instructions below to reset the message settings;
-Go to the settings of your messages.
-Click on text messages.
-Enter  +9779800009000 number in the “Set message center”.
-At last set the message format as text.

How to send SMS Outside Nepal?

You had to dial extra country code and operator code at front of your message to text the international numbers.
For example:
+ or 00 – Country Code – Operator Code – Phone Number 
(India) 00 – 91 +919813956777 or – 981786784532

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