Ncell Data Packages

Ncell Data Packages

Ncell provides you a range of data services that you can enjoy and use as per your requirements. There are different kinds of Ncell data packages. Here I have listed all the data plans according to their names.

Ncell Data Packages

Get More on 4G Ncell Offer

Ncell provides you special offers for 4G networks. Its always better to buy different packages to surf the internet through data. Otherwise, it will be costly for you. To subscribe to the package you simply have to dial *17123#. If the data is finished and consumed more amount than the package you will have to pay extra some charge. So make sure you keep a reminder on your phone for the deadlines of the data.

Volume All TimePrice without tax(Rs.)Price with tax(Rs.)Volume 4GVolume Night timeTotal VolumeValidity
35 MB911.4935 MB35 MB105 MB1 day
75 MB1519.1575 MB75 MB225 MB1 day
120 MB2937.03120 MB120 MB360 MB3 day
200 MB3544.69200 MB200 MB600 MB3 day
300 MB6988.11300 MB300 MB900 MB7 day
500 MB7595.77500 MB500 MB1500 MB7 day
1300 MB269343.491300 MB1300 MB3900 MB30 day
3 GB355453.303 GB3 GB9 GB30 day

Ncell Data Pack With Video Offer

This Video offers is Especial data packs for users to surf the videos on the internet like Youtube, Netflix, and many others. This is a heavy data package especially for consuming apps like Google Play, Google Maps.

Total VolumeNight Time VolumeVolume All TimeVideo-1hr/dayValidityPrice(without tax)Price(With tax)
1.5 GB0.75 GB0.75 GB1 day1 day3949.80
4 GB2 GB2 GB3 days3 days99126.41
8 GB4 GB4 GB7 days7 day199254.10
32 GB16 GB16 GB30 days30 days7991020.24

Ncell Mero Plan Week 

Ncell Mero Plan Week as a name suggests is a weekly plan for Ncell users. It has a special feature of no main balance deduction and mainly a 50 % discount on the same network as Ncell to NCell.This plan is actually an auto-renewal plan that renews on a weekly basis.

Pack Price (per week)(Rs.)Pack Prices(per week including tax)(Rs.)Available DataFree YoutubeTotal VolumeNcell to Ncell call rates(per minute)Ncell to Ncell (per minute including tax)(Rs.)
7595.772 GB2 GBre.11.28
150191.544 GB2 GB6 GBRe. 11.28

Ncell Mero Plan Monthly

Like weekly, Ncell Mero Plan Monthly is a monthly package that has validity for 30 days only. You can get free youtube data with this offer and also up to 75 % discount on the same call rates with the same network i.e Ncell to Ncell.

After the subscription package is finished there’s no main balance deduction however bonus balance will be used under pay as you go rates. This plan is also auto-renewal monthly.

Pack Price (Per Month)(Rs.)Pack Prices(per month including tax) (Rs.)Available DataFree YoutubeTotal VolumeNcell to Ncell call rates(Rs.)/minNcell to Ncell Call rates(rs.)/min with tax
199254.101 GB1 GB2 GB11.28
299381.793 GB3 GB6 GB0.901.15
499637.176 GB6 GB12 GB0.801.02
7991020.2415 GB15 GB30 GB0.700.89
9991275.6225 GB25 GB50 GB0.500.64

Ncell Data Ko Fun, Always On

Ncell Data ko Fun always on, it’s as the name suggests, it means as soon as the data MB finished your internet will stop. You do not need to worry about the main balance deduction. So use it without any fear and with Fun.

Pack/ValidityPrice without taxPrice with taxAll Time Data (can be used at any time of the day)Bonus Data (can be used from 11 PM – 11 AM)Total Volume
1 day2025.54250 MB750 MB1000 MB
3 day4051.08600 MB1800 MB2400 MB
Pack/validityPrice Without taxPrice with taxDaily DataTotal Volume
7 days7697.04300 MB per day2100 MB
30 days383489.05500 MB per day15000 MB
30 days767979.381200 MB per day36000 MB

Ncell Data Pack For Ncell Connect

This pack is especially for Ncell Connect Users to use the Internet in your Laptops, desktop, or computers. This is a high volume data pack.

VolumeRate without tax(Rs.)Rate with tax(rs.)Total Price(Rs.)
500 MB399110.48509.48
1000 MB699193.55892.55
5000 MB1999553.522552.52

These are all the Ncell data packages from the Ncell Network.

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