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Foodathon Initial Ceremony Successfully Completed with Insightful Sharing of Ideas




Foodathon has started the event formally and completed the initial ceremony this morning. There were more than 70 plus active participants in this online event hosted in Microsoft Team.
This two hours session was able to deal with contextualized issues as well as local and global approaches to bringing solutions.

There were speakers and distinguished guests from various fields who were experts from their industry. They shared various opinions and helpful suggestions for the participants in this event. Sadikcha Karki, National Head for AIESEC Nepal, were the moderator of this session.

What Speakers and Guests Had to say?

foodathon opening ceremony

Sunita Nhemaphuki, Founder Chairperson, Krishak ra Prabidhi; R&D Innovation shared how one can choose a good mentor for a long run in the entrepreneurial journey. She described the three types of mentors as academic, practical, and network builder mentors. It’s very important to choose a good mentor that will help you to guide through your journey. They will help you to boost up your idea and simplify the problems in your path.

Christine Gould, Founder CEO, TFF shared what leadership means and a good leadership role. She showed multidimensional forms of leadership which were worth listening to and understanding to the participants.

Anand Bagria, MD, NIMBUS talked on how can we remove Zero hunger. He talked about crucial facts that there are problems in food processing, managing, and storage. In simple words he made us understand with the real examples of the food industry. He showed us a bigger picture of food management and processing.

Ganesh Shah, Former IT Minister lastly shared his thoughts about co-create and collaborate. According to him, once an idea is generated it should be co-created and collaborated, the environment of collaboration should be created. And once the idea collaborates and co-created, it can definitely be achieved. He inspires many youths to innovate and work on insightful ideas and encouraged them they are the pillar of the future.

Similarly, the selected 13 teams also pitched their ideas in the ceremony.
One among the team members from each team shared what problem they are addressing to bring sustainability in food security and agriculture system.

All the ideas were great to listen to and equally problem-solving in the agricultural sector of Nepal. It was worth a very valuable session on how people are trying to bring innovative ideas to address the problem and find a sustainable solution.

Teams with their Ideas

1.Satasat (Urban Farming)
2.Hariyo Kaushi – An organic-urban rooftop Farming (Urban Farming)
3.Hariyo Kaushi (Urban Farming)
4.Oracul Biotech (Organic Farming)
5.Youth Farmer(Organic Farming)
6.Agri Aspirants (Growing Food)
7.Swo Bali (Growing Food)
8.Taja Agro Farms (Growing Food)
9.FSociety (Food Storage & Processing)
10.Team Prithak (Food Storage & Processing)
11.Skillathon (Food Supply Chain)
12.Kanchi(Food Supply Chain)
13.Agri Bridge(Food Supply Chain)

This initial phase of the event was successfully completed. Now for further steps, the selected team members will work on the ideas. The different mentors have been assigned to them. The 30 + mentors will work with the team members to refine and make the ideas better and workable.

We ICTByte is equally excited as others for tomorrow’s event to hear the innovative ideas and solutions.

Read the complete schedule about the main event here.

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