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Tips of writing the effective application letters with example | What is application follow up?



Application letters

  • Whenever you submit your resume, accompany it with an application letter to let readers know why you are sending it.
  • Like in other type of business writing, follow the three-step process in application letter as well.
  •     Planning : gather information, select the right medium, organize the message
  •     Writing : adapt to your audience, compose it
  •     Completing : revise the message, produce, proofread.

The techniques/tips of writing the effective application letters:

  •   Be as clear as possible about the kind of opportunity you seek.
  •   Show that you understand the company and the position.
  •   Never volunteer salary  information unless an employer asks for it.
  •   Keep it short—and keep e-mail application letters especially short; in just two or three paragraphs, convey how your strengths and character would fit the position.
  •   Show some personality; doing so will help balance the choppy, shorthand style of your resume.
  •   Meticulously check your spelling, mechanics, and grammar; be aware that potential employers will treat your e-mail messages every bit as seriously as formal, printed letters.

Following AIDA model in writing application

  • A= Getting Attention ( introduction)
  • I= Building Interest ( discussion)
  • D= Increasing Desire ( discussion)
  • M= motivating action ( conclusion)

Example of Solicited Application Letter following AIDA model

Shantinagar, Kathmandu

August 5, 2020

The Human Resources Manager

Nepal Investment Company

Darbarmarg, Kathmandu, Nepal

Dear Hiring Manager: 

Nepal Investment Company appeared as one of the top investment companies in Nepal in the research I did for my project report in final semester, so imagine my delight when I came to know the opening for the post of Marketing Executive in The Kathmandu Post of … With a major in marketing and a minor in strategic management, my education has been an ideal one for the mentioned post.

In fact, my skills and qualifications extremely meet in your job description including marketing and communication skills. I simply enjoyed the opportunity as it has mentioned the additional requirement of managerial skills.

As you can see from my resume that I also have more than three-year experience as an assistant marketing officer in ABC company. This experience really taught me as to how to market the products effectively.

My communication skills would be best demonstrated in an interview. I would very much appreciate it if you could arrange an interview, in which I can discuss my application with you in further details, at your earliest convenience. I can be reached at… email.. or at 9852…


Shyam Adhikari

Enclosure: resume

Application Follow-ups

  • If your application letter and resume fail to bring a response within a month or so, follow up with a second letter to keep your file active. This follow-up letter also gives you a chance to update your original application with any recent job-related information.
  • Since applying to you on May 3 for a position in your management training program, I have completed three courses in business and management at South River Community College and received straight A’s.
  • Please keep my application in your active file; I would welcome another opportunity to apply for the program.
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