Which internet speed test should you use to test your connection at home?

Which internet speed test should you use to test your connection at home?

Many of the people thinks that they have a constant internet connection at their home on daily basis but this isn’t applied all the time deep down sometimes the case will be just opposite then they thinking. Speed always fluctuates throughout the day.

Commonly, Internet speed slows down when many people use internet at the same time and the speed will automatically raise when the least number of user will connects the same ISP and vice-versa. If the limitation of data volume reaches to the extreme point then your provider crash down your network which is called Bandwidth throttling. The another situation for Brand with Trotting is if you forget to pay the bill of ISP then it will automatically cuts-off your connection or depends upon the provision.

But the fortune is we are able to keep eye on the internet connection speed which helps us to know the exact situation of our internet connection. There are many such tools and third party application which helps you to know your internet speed , latency/ping or whatever your device is running a test of all time.

The most common problem arises when it comes to choose the tools and third party applications. The more important things is that you only need to install those application or tools which is trusted otherwise your system and device have to take a risk of damage. So, TECH BYTE is going to recommend you some of the trusted application and tools to check your internet connection speed at your home.

internet speed test is one of the most effective and great broadband tester. It have very simple interface. The great advantage of is that it is owned by popular video streaming app Netflix. never irritates you with showing the ads. The interface shows you Latency upload speed and download speed.Whereas, the dark-side is that is doesn’t have the advance options. Being owned by one of the reputed company this website is trusted.


internet speed test

Ookla is the most advance and powerful broadband tester. It has various features on it’s interface. Ookla sometimes shows you ads relating to the internet connection. It has the strong reputation all over the world . You can create your own account here. you are able to see ping, download, and upload speed of testing. The information you are able to see is Your Server, ISP, and connection type and status.

internet speed test is also one of the most popular and great broadband tester. It also have the same mechanism and features like ookla but it gives us the ads which can push us to little bit problems but the graph of the connection status is most accurate and eye attractive. It also record max. upload and max. download speed. which helps us to find weather our connection is constant or not. overall, It has very good interface and it has other plans of API also which is all premium.

internet speed test is little bit different than the other mentioned above. It runs under HTML 5 and php. It means that doesn’t need JAVA and Flash to run our test which can gives us most accurate result than others. Comparatively, it is not more user friendly because many of the people think all the broadband tester have the same GO option to start but this website doesn’t have the go option inested of that it have Test My Internet Option after that you have to choose whatever you want to test.

We hope these guidelines help you know Which internet speed test should you use to test your connection at home. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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