How to edit video in Google Photos?

How to edit video in Google Photos?

If you use an Android operating system being a photography and videography enthusiastic and using Google photos as the main gallery or photo and video organization tool then the plus point is that you are able to edit those photo and video from your main gallery i.e. Google Photo.

Comparatively, you can’t find the advance tools to edit video than photo in Google Photo. In-depth video editing needs the advanced tools to sound good. However, Google photo should provide some about advance option to edit the videos. So, Tech byte here is going to mention some tips and steps to edit videos on Google Photos.

Video editing features available in the Google Photos are stabilization, rotation cuts to videos for web.
The meaning of the above mentioned terms are as follow:

  • Stabilization- Make the shacked video stable.
  • Rotate- Changes the original orientation of the video to landscape or portrait and vice-versa.
  • Cuts- Let’s you to cut the parts of your video at a particular time.

Steps to get access and edit video in Google Photos:

  1. Open the Google Photo on your smartphone.
  2. Click album to select video.
  3. Tap the video you want to edit and then again tap on the middle icon which translates to Edit.
  4. Now, you can find the options like Stabilize and Rotate also you can drag the sliders anywhere from beginning and till end of the video frame line to cut the portion of that video.

Additionally, You can able to use single or multiple video for making a movie. and it lets you to add soundtracks for the video according to your interest and need and so on.

Follow these steps to edit movie:

  1. Click on the Google Photos App then tap on assistant and then movie.
  2. “Select photos and videos” option appears on your screen then choose one or multiple videos.
  3. After choosing the videos tap on the musical note icon.
  4. Tap on my music to get songs from library or you can also get some of the music from the Google Photos.

Now You are all set.

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