How to lock Google Drive in iPhone and iPad?

How to lock Google Drive in iPhone and iPad?

Storing important documents isn’t always a secure way. But now Google and iOS have updated a new security option for the users. You can lock Google Drive on iPhone and iPad using Privacy Feature which secures your data in the cloud by using biometrics. After enabling this new feature requires Touch ID or Face ID authentication to access the files stored in your drive. 

Therefore, if you’re thinking to enable this feature- Privacy Screen on your iPhone and iPad, follow the steps below- 

  1. Open Google Drive app on your iPhone/iPad  
  2. Head to three-lined icon and select Settings 
  3. Now, select the option Privacy Screen and turn on the toggle  
  4. Then enter your Face ID or Touch ID to execute Privacy Screen. Here you can also choose to delay the lock timer.  
  5. To adjust lock timing, click on Delay-> Immediately.
  6. Choose the timing as per your wish and exit the app. 


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