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How to get unlimited storage on Google Photos?

How to get unlimited storage on Google Photos?

Google Photos is a photo storage and sharing service provided by Google. It is also called the modern hard disk for storing photos.

We can get access to Google Photos by downloading the app or going to the official website. Then sign in using Google account. After that Start uploading.

Is storage space unlimited? By default, only 15GB is provided to each google account.

But there are two options for storage in Google Photos: –

1. Original (15GB)

We can upload original resolution photos but it will use our default storage space.

2. High Quality (Free Unlimited)

We can upload photos with great visual quality at reduced file size. Quality should be 16 megapixels and video quality should be 1080p or less.

So, you can use a High Quality option unless you want to store photos from DSLR.

What if I want to store the original photo and the default space is not enough? Don’t worry Google Photos has the option to increase the default storage space but you will have to pay for that.

Prices to expand default storage: –

  • 100GB – US$ 1.99/month
  • 200GB – US$ 2.99/month
  • 2TB – US$ 9.99/month

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Features of Google Photos: –

  • Photos are arranged from most recent to oldest.
  • The collection feature is also available to organize photos in the album.
  • Photos from your Google Drive will also be available in Google Photos.
  • The assistant feature creates montages and animations and allows to save it
  • Also detects faces and tracks the location of photos
  • We can share photos and videos directly to Facebook and Twitter
  • Sharable link option is also available
  • We can also download photos
  • Edit features like crop, filters, and adjustments are also available
  • Utilize option is a feature which helps to share photos with your partner

Steps to download photo: –

  1. Select a photo or album then
  2. Click on more option
  3. Select download
Google Photos more
Google Photos download

Steps to share photo: –

  1. Select a photo or album then
  2. Click on share option
  3. Select email, Facebook or Twitter option
  4. Select share
Google Photos share
share option
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