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How to get better & faster performance in Google Chrome?




Google always improves it’s Google Chrome from its previous versions but despite its improvements and updates there are certain situations where Google Chrome starts demanding more resources and settings.

In order to eradicate those situations and to run Google Chrome smoothly, there are certain measures we can apply. The methods provided below are easy to use and free from any kind of side effects.

Methods to get better performance in Google Chrome

#Update Chrome

Google Chrome performs best with its latest improvement and updates. So, we need to update chrome when new updates are available.
1) Go to more of Chrome
2) Click on update Google Chrome
3) Click relaunch
If you do not find this option then your Chrome is up to date

#Close unused tabs

Chrome becomes slower if many tabs are opened. In order to avoid lagging in Chrome, it is highly recommended to close the unused tabs. If we need to open many tabs in our Chrome then we can download extensions like the great Suspender, Toby for Chrome, Tab Snooze, etc. Which helps to manage the tabs and run the browser smoothly.

#Remove or disable unwanted extensions

Extensions are added to Chrome to customize the browsing experience. It is good to remove or disable extension which is not in use.
1) Click more
2) Select more tools
3) Select extension
4) Remove or disable the extension

# Enable preload feature

In Chrome, you can enable the preload feature to load webpages faster. When this feature is on Chrome reloads the link, you might open.
1) Go to more of Chrome
2) Select the Advanced option
3) Select privacy and security
4) Enable preload feature

Steps for android

1) Go to settings and select the privacy
2) Tick the preload page feature
Steps For iOS:
1) Go to settings and select bandwidth
2) Enable Preload webpages feature

#Check your computer for Malware

A slow browser may be a warning signal for the presence of malware on your computer. We need to keep our security software of computers up to date.
Also, Chrome has Scanned and Remove feature
1) Open your Chrome
2) Click in more
3) In settings select Advanced and then click on Reset and Clean up
4) Select a cleanup computer then finds and remove it.

#Reset Settings to Default:

This is not the recommended method to all but if your Chrome browser is having problems and nothing else is helping or making difference then it is the final method.
1) Go to more option
2) Select settings and then go to advanced
3) Select Reset and Cleanup
4) Then select Restore settings to original defaults
5) Click confirm

#Activate Google Chrome lite mode feature in mobile

Keep your mobile Chrome in the data diet by enabling lite mode. It routes pages that take time to load through Google servers in order to make them load quicker.
1) Open Chrome in phone
2) Select settings
3) Enable lite mode

Latest versions of Google Chrome

• Chrome on Windows
Version- 83.0.4103.116
Released date-2020-06-23
• Chrome on macOS
Version- 83.0.4103.116
Released date- 2020-06-23
• Chrome on Android
Version- 83.0.4103.106
Released date- 2020-06-16
• Chrome on iOS
Version- 83.0.4103.88
Released date- 2020-05-29

Article Written By – Aayush Palikhe

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