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Why Graphics designing is important to SEO?



graphics designing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about improving a sites ranking
in the organic section of the search results. In other word, SEO is the
practice of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic, as well
as exposure to the brand through non-paid (also known as organic search
engine results).

Graphic design plays a central role in the success of a website. Graphic
designing gives the end users/ visitors clear and meaningful information that
will motivate them to click because they will find what they are looking for in
the website. This also helps to keep the visitors on the page and subsequently
improve SEO ranking.

Graphic design is visual communication that helps to attract the attention
of the people. Graphic design and SEO must go hand in hand in order to
improve the ranking.

Here, I have mentioned some of the importance of graphic designing in SEO.

a) First impressions counts:
As we know first impression counts and they last. Visitors will judge whether
they like a website or not just looking on a landing page. So the design should
possess an eye-catching look to engage the visitors on the website.

b) Content and Structure:
The goal of Search engine optimization is to bring a visitor to a targeted page. Content gives a value to a website by giving a visitor a reason to go to it
in the first place. If the website has relevant information about business,
industry, products, and more there will be a chance to earn more visitors.
Content is what people open the website.

c) Creativity:
Graphic design is the medium of art. Creating content that approaches an
idea, solves a problem, displays a message to the visitors through their
design. When something is creative and unique, it can stand out and stay
ahead of the competitors in the market place. It helps to be different and
bring more visitors which is very essential in SEO.

d) Boost sales:
Graphic designing can definitely boost sales by creating original, thought-provoking, and engaging content. As graphic designing is all about visual
communication, a pleasing graphic design attracts the visitors which plays an
an important role in that split seconds to make a decision to do business with
you or not.

As we know, Search Engine Optimization is a practice of reaching out to the
customers and building the network. Graphic designing plays a vital role in SEO as more than 50 percent of the population are visual learners because a picture speaks louder than a thousand words.

Written by- Pramila Shrestha

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