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Best TikTok Alternatives 2020|5 TikTok Like Apps for iOS And Android |

TikTok is a social media platform for creating and sharing videos. People can create and share videos which are mostly lip-syncing, dancing, cooking, comedy snippets, etc. Also, Creators can make videos with each other. It was released in 2016 in China and then released worldwide in 2018 after merging with Musically. After its release, it has become popular worldwide and many celebrities also use this platform for creating content. As TikTok is dominating the video-sharing platform there are also various TikTok alternatives available.

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But, TikTok has been trending nowadays because of its security issues and also many tech experts have presented their displeasure on this topic. Also, India has banned Tiktok because they claim that the app is storing data illegally and collecting information secretly which is a major concern for national security. So, we have provided you with a list of 5 apps that are like TikTok.

5 TikTok alternatives for Android And IOS


TikTok alternatives dubsmash

Play Store rating -4.2/5  

Apple App Store rating 4.7/5

  • Offered by Mobile Motion GmbH
  • Create contents like lip sync, meme, songs and many more
  • Video content of 10second length
  • Build-in filters and also a vast sound library
  • Save and share


TikTok alternatives likee

Play Store rating -4.4/5  

Apple App Store rating 4.6/5

  • Offered by Bigo Technology Pte Ltd
  • 1-minute length of video content
  • Video editing tools as well as various special effects
  • Video dubbing together with the collection of dubbing scripts and songs
  • A smart feature like 4D magic, superpower, etc.


TikTok alternatives triller

Play Store rating -4.2/5  

Apple App Store rating 4.7/5

  • Offered by Triller LLC
  • Familiar navigation gesture like TikTok
  • Vast sound library as well as 100+ filters which are updated daily
  • Save and share
  • Uses the auto-editing algorithm due to which it automatically edits various takes in one


TikTok alternatives ropso

Play Store rating -4.2/5  

Apple App Store rating 4.4/5

  • Offered by Ropso
  • Indian video app
  • Create contents like lip sync, meme, songs and many more
  • Many Build in filters as well as attractive effects
  • Contains channels like Bhakti, Beats, etc.
  • Chat feature
  • Save option and also share to WhatsApp directly



Play Store rating -4.4/5  

Apple App Store rating 4.7/5

  • Offered by AVCR Inc.
  • Vast sound library
  • High responsive UI which is better than other
  • Save and share option
  • Build-in filters as well as various text effects

So, these are the TikTok alternatives for Android and iOS. You can download and install which is best for you and then use that. Additionally, you get various edit and add effects on these apps. So, some of the features in these apps may be free. But, others except for free features you need to pay for use.

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