Are you selling illegal mobile phones in Nepal? You will get blacklisted now

Mobile Phone Importers Association and the Nepal Mobile Distributors Association have decided to blacklist the sellers of illegal mobile phones in Nepal. For discouraging the unauthorized and illegal trade in mobile phones, this step is taken.

In a joint statement by these two associations, they request not to buy or sell unauthorized and illegal mobile phones from July 20. If evidence of purchase and sale of unauthorized and illegal mobile phones is found from any seller, the seller involved in it will be warned. Also, sellers will be blacklisted by the association.

“No member of this association shall transact with blacklisted firms or vendors on his own or through regional distributors or any other means,” the statement said.

The Mobile Phone Importers Association is an umbrella organization of mobile phone importers of various brands in Nepal, while the Mobile Distributors Association is an umbrella organization of regional distributors selling mobile phones in different parts of the country.

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