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How To Use Your Phone As Webcam On Windows And macOS?

How To Use Your Phone As Webcam On Windows And macOS?

Webcams is in demand these days as most of the things we do are from video chats and meetings due to the pandemic. However, many people cannot afford a webcam and many mid-range laptops don’t have a good quality camera in it. So what should you do? There is another way where you can use the camera on your mobile phone as a webcam.

The steps are a bit long but trust me it will be worth it and save you money. Let us start the steps of using the camera on the phone as a webcam on windows and MacOS.

Steps to Use Your Phone As Webcam On Windows

Step 1: Download the Droidcam Wireless application on your Mobile phone from google play store. The app runs on Android 5.0 or higher.

DroidCamX Wireless Use on Your Phone As Webcam On Windows

Step 2: Download and install the Droidcam client for your windows.

Make sure that the phone and computer are connected through same WiFi or USB.

Step 3: Launch the Droidcam client on your computer, and it will ask for a Device IP. After that, launch the Droidcam app on your mobile phone too.

Step4: While launching the app, skip everything to until getting to the page where you can see your Device IP.

Step 5: Type Device IP on the computer Droidcam client that you saw on the mobile phone app.

Step6: Click on the three-dot icon and then go to Settings. after that click on Camera and choose between which camera on your phone you would like to choose as webcam.

 Step 7: Check whether both video and audio options have been ticked or not. Now you can use your camera on phone as a webcam.

Steps to Use Your iPhone As Webcam On MacOS

Step 1: Install EpocCam from the Mac App Store. the OS has to be macOS 10.11 or later. Likewise, instal the same app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step2: The iPhone/iPad and Macbook should be connected by the same Wi-Fi. Now, launch the app on both the MacBook and iPhone/iPad. The Mac client will start showing your iPhone’s camera feed.

Step 3: Select EpocCam as your camera in your video conferencing app.

However, you have to use the paid version to be able to use the phone’s microphone. Although the EpocCam is simple to use, it has many restrictions. Some restrictions are, the app is not entirely free, the resolution is limited to 640×480 only, and you have to pay to be able to use the microphone on the iPhone.

Moreover, the good thing about this app is, it has a desktop client for Windows as well as for macOS

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