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Ways to delete sent messages in messenger



delete messages on messenger

In 2019 Messenger got a new feature that allowed people to delete sent messages. And it felt like a ray of hope to many people, including me. In the past, we have accidentally sent many messages to the wrong person or the wrong group. Similarly, we couldn’t do anything about it and just pray that person doesn’t reply to it.

Sometimes we even had to opposite to the people for sending the wrong message to them. Moreover, mistypes and autocorrects have so many times embarrassed us in front of people. But now, with the help of the removing feature, we can easily remove them a message before the person gets to read it.

Ways to delete sent messages in messenger

Let us look at the steps to delete sent messages in messenger.

Steps to delete sent messages in messenger

Step 1: Send a wrong message or send a correct message to the wrong person. I know the first step sounds kinda weird but the rest of the steps are impossible without it.

Step 2: Open the conversation with the person that you dent the wrong message in the messenger.

Step3: Click on the 3 dots menu button which is on the side of the message that you want to delete. Then click on “Remove”.

On a mobile phone, you have to hold the message that you want to delete and then select “Remove”.

Step 4: Click “Remove for You” or “Remove for Everyone.” After that click on remove.

The message can be removed just for you or for everyone, which is a nice thing. Moreover, The process of removing the message is the same on IOS and Android. There are many ways of using messenger, for eg, messenger lit, messenger on Andriod, messenger on IOS and so on. The steps of removing a message are almost the same in all of them.

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