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Top 5 On-Page Ranking Factors- 2020

Top 5 On-Page Ranking Factors- 2020

What actually is On-page ranking factors? 

Since SEO requirements keep on changing, it’s hard to go with the latest developments. But to be on the top of Google rankings, you must know. Moreover, optimized sites get more traffic which means more sales. All your work will go on waste without SEO if users won’t find your site.  

So, we will talk about most common on-page ranking factors which can’t be ignored at all. 
If you want to know about what is On-Page SEO.

1.Quality Content 

Content can be said as the most important SEO ranking factors. And high-quality content is the best way to engage users on your site. Generally, search engines aim to provide the best results, so they rank top sites that are well-researched and well-crafted content. 

Quality Content - On-Page Ranking Factors
High-Quality Content is important.

Additionally, fresh and in-depth content attracts search crawlers and definitely boost search visibility while sharing with your audience. 

2.Page Speed 

Speed is also one of the most SEO ranking factor, and Google has already admitted it. Apart from crawling your site, Google will also see the speed of your responsive website. So, if your site isn’t fast, it may cost you first-page rankings in search results. 

PageSpeed Insights: On-Page Ranking Factors
PageSpeed Insights

You can check your speed with Google PageSpeed Insights for free to see how your site performs from Google’s view. 

Links- from backlinks to internal, also play an important part in search engine rankings. In comparison to other ranking factors, backlinks are the most ones. With the trusted websites link to yours one, it gives positive signals to Google ensuring that your website offers valuable content. 

LINKS- On-Page Ranking Factors

Similarly, internal links are a bit different, they help crawlers to identify form Google or any other search engine and index your site. They also help crawlers understand the relationships between pages and the context of those pages. 

4. User Engagement

User engagement- On-Page Ranking Factors

Usually, search engines look users for helping them to determine which pages should be listed in search rankings. They see how users interact with results to make sure which pages are better and useful to searchers. And Google does this though RankBrain. User engagement includes- 

  • CTR (Click-through Rate): the percentage of searchers who click on search engine result 
  • Time on Site: the amount of time, a searcher spends on a page 
  • Bounce Rate: the percentage of the searcher who leaves quickly after viewing only one page on a site 

Now you have learned about SEO ranking factors, their importance, so it’s time to optimize your site.

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