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How to transfer balance from NTC ? Easy way to send balance from Nepal Telecom.

How to transfer balance from NTC ? Easy way to send balance from Nepal Telecom.

Imagine you want to make a call and you don’t have balance, so you will be saying your friend to transfer you the balance. And transferring balance through top-up using Esewa or Khalti may not be suitable in weak internet connection. Therefore, we have come up with the free and simplest way of transferring a balance in any situation which doesn’t need an internet connection at all. 

We can see that almost 50% of the Nepali people are NTC users. And among them, many of them use Prepaid users. So, Nepal Telecom has prepared lots of features for Prepaid users, and transferring balance is one of them. 

But, to transfer Balance from NTC to NTC, we have certain conditions to be followed- 

  • You can only transfer a balance from Rs. 10 to Rs 500. 
  • You can do up to 20 transfers per day. 
  • Only money can be transferred to the NTC number. 

Transferring Balance from NTC to NTC? 

Step 1. One who will be sending balance must know their Scode(security code). 

If you don’t have Scode then: 

  • Type SCODE and send it to 1415 for security code. 
  • You will get 8 security code. 

Step 2. After that, goto dial panel and dial   *422*SecurityCode*DestinationNumber*Amount in Rs#   and Press the dial button. 


  • Security CodeScode is 8 digit code received from the above step 
  • Destination Number = Reciever Phone Number, without postal code like +977 
  • Amount in Rs: The amount should be from Rs 10 to Rs 500. 

Step 3. Finally, you are done.

Note: There can be problem sometimes due to network error.  

If you’re facing problems related to balance transfer or any other service then feel free to contact customer care. So, you must know the shortcodes if you are an NTC user.

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