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How to Earn Money Online in Nepal?



Earn Money Online in Nepal

How to earn money online in Nepal is most crucial topics of all time for our country. Yes it is really possible that you can earn money online in Nepal but you need to have a specific knowledge and skill which have the international market value. Without knowledge and skill you don’t get the fruits as your expectation.

In this article we are going to cover all the pros and cons and the requirement for online earning in Nepal. So, this How to Earn Money Online in Nepal would be the best article for you.

Some queries and their answers

Is it possible to earn money online in Nepal?

Yes, If you have skill and knowledge in specific field on something which have the international market value then you can earn Online in Nepal.

How much can we earn monthly from Captcha Typing?

This is totally fake. You cannot earn money by doing captcha typing. Today many job center advertise with the name of Online typing jobs but they actually are scams. Many people loose their money as the fees for training.

Job Centers of Nepal says that you need to type 5000 captcha per day to earn monthly 25K in Nepal but they are totally fake and they also says you that if you done a single mistake while typing then you can’t get payment. Let’s use common sense the captcha is already hard to understand.

If we try to solve 10-20 captcha then one or two mistake is sure and if it comes to 5000 per day then it becomes impossible to solve it without making a single mistake. So don’t get in trap of this kind of Nonsense things.

How much we can earn money online in Nepal ?

It totally depends upon your effort, result and the platform which you are using to earn but yes there is not a minimum and maximum criteria of earning.

Requirements for online earning in Nepal

  • Gain skill in a certain field
  • Make first motives as learning
  • Keep Patients
  • Dedicate towards your work
  • Don’t expect instant result
  • Give your best delivery
  • Be consistence

Highly Profitable Skills to Earn Money Online in Nepal

1. Blogging

Earn Money Online in Nepal

Blogging simply refers to the activity in which one blogger writes article based on research and writing mechanism. Blogging is the Best options for the students of Nepal to make money Online. It is emerging and popular scope in Digital Marketing Sector. You can generate a lot of income from blogging in Nepal. So let’s talk about the requirements to be one of the succesful blogger in Nepal.

Requirements to be a Blogger
  1. Make a clear determination.
  2. Choose a Platform from which you can do blogging i.e wordpress,, Wix, Weebly, Substack etc.
  3. Buy a best hosting and domain name. (We recommend: Nest Nepal)
  4. Build a website.
  5. Choose a Niche to get in.
  6. Make a plan for Keyword research.
  7. Research and write an unique and quality content.
  8. Do SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  9. Monitor your website by connecting it to Analytics.
  10. After meeting the requirement apply your site for Ads approval. (eg. Adsense)

Now you can start to earn money. Once you start to earn then the margin of the revenue starts to fluctuate. But you don’t need to return with zero income when you withdraw your first $100 amount (minimum).

2. Affiliate Marketing

Earn Money Online in Nepal

Affiliate Marketing simply refers to the second man seller of a product. Let’s be clear with the example, Suppose CG Company Launched a new mobile phone in Market. Now CG company needs marketing platform to increase the margin of selling the mobile phone. You can write the review of the product importance to the consumer and it’s pros and cons properly.

You can give the link from which the consumer can purchase the product. If the consumer purchase the mobile phone through your link then CG Company gives you certain percent of commission for selling the product.

In this process both of the parties i.e CG company and you will get benefits. You can get traffic and CG company gets costumer. So you get certain percent of commission for selling their phone.

There are some platform in Nepal from which you can do Affiliate marketing. Some of them are Daraz Online Shopping, sasto deal etc.

Requirements to do Affiliate Marketing
  1. Choose a niche
  2. Join On affiliate programs
  3. Register your platform for affiliate marketing.
  4. They give you a special link after registration.
  5. Use the link and create a great review of product.
  6. Put the link in the content from where costumer can buy a product.
  7. Advertise the product as much as you can by giving a link.

Now if any of the consumer buy the product then you start to generates the income.

3. YouTube

Earn Money Online in Nepal

YouTube is one of the best platform to Earn Money Online in Nepal . YouTubers are considered as highest income generator in the digital marketing field. Now we can check the requirements to be a successful youtuber in Nepal.

Requirements to be a YouTuber
  1. Create a YouTube Channel and set up professionally.
  2. Research the Market and demand.
  3. Choose the niche in which you want to make videos.
  4. Research Keywords.
  5. Prepare a quality and lengthy content.
  6. Do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Upload Video.
  7. Monetize your channel after meeting the required criteria.

4. Domain Marketing

Earn Money Online in Nepal

Domain Marketing is the process of marketing the domain to the people who want domain for their business. For example you have purchase domain named . Someone is planning to do digital marketing and want website by the domain name of shopping niche. Then you can sell the domain by taking some commission.

Requirements to do Domain Marketing
  1. Research the niche which have the highest demand for website.
  2. Buy domain name with catchy and relevant name.
  3. Advertise that you have domain name of the concerned niche.
  4. Sell the niche to the consumer who want it.

5. Bug Bounty

Earn Money Online in Nepal

Bug Bounty simply means that to find the error of the system. If you find those error and do valid bug reporting then you can get some rewards from the company. Bug Bounty needs a lot of requirements to get start in but if you learn those things then it would be the most powerful weapon. You can do security analysis of different software companies and then if you found the bug you can earn by notifying the error to help to minimize the potential accident.

Requirements to start Bug Bounty
  1. Learn Programming Languages.
  2. Learn Operating System.
  3. Take Courses of Bug Bounty Hunting.
  4. Launch a vulnerability disclosure program without monetary benefits
  5. Set up a testing environment dedicated to the program
  6. Gain support from the C-suite, legal team, communications department, developers, security monitoring team, and others

Once your bug is validate then you start to earn. Increase the scope of testing.

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