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Why Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO) is important?

Why Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO) is important?

What is conversion? 

Conversion occurs when a site’s visitor does what a marketer wants them to do. Similarly, what counts as a “Conversion” will depend on your site and goals. 

For instance:  In eCommerce sites, a Conversion happens when one of your visitors makes a purchase. 

What is Conversion Rate Optimization? 

Generally, Conversion Rate Optimization is a method of using analytics and feedback to improve the performance of your site. You can use it to improve any metric of your site that is important to your business, also called key performance. 

However, Conversion Rate Optimization allows digital marketers to capitalize on the traffic and leads to acquiring. By combining analytics, testing, and behavior research, it makes conversion funnels more efficient. 

How To Calculate Your Conversion Rate 

For calculating your conversion rate, you need to know the number of unique visitors and number of conversions received in a particular time. 

To find your conversion rate, divide your conversions by your visitors. This will show how many conversions you can expect to receive from each visitor. And to turn the same number into a percentage, just multiply by 100. That will show how many conversions you expect from 100 visitors. 

conversion rate optimization- calaculaion

Note: This only works when a customer is only likely to convert once. But for other situations, you may prefer to calculate your conversion rate by sessions. 

While comparing the conversion rate of two different pages, the difference between the two figures is given as another percentage. And we call this as “Uplift”. 

uplift calculation- conversion rate optimization

Benefits for SEO Practices

There are much more things you can do to increase your conversion rate like: 

  • Write clickable PPC ads that are highly relevant to the keyword and your intended users. 
  • Maintain a high degree of relevance between ads and landing pages. Your landing page should deliver according to your ad and make it easy for the searcher. 
  • Test your landing page design. You can conduct A/B testing to find the right layout, and colors that push the highest percentage of site visitors to fill out your form, or can convert to a valuable lead or customer. 

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