List of base rates of commercial banks in Nepal

List of base rates of commercial banks in Nepal

Today, we have the list of base rates of commercial banks in Nepal. Base rate of a bank is the minimum rate that a bank charges its customers. The banks usually add a certain premium to the base rate to determine the interest rate depending on the type of loan the customer is taking.

The base rate of commercial banks includes all cost of funds, cost of liquidity (CRR and SLR), and cost of operation as defined by Nepal Rastra Bank. If a bank has a lower return on government securities than the deposit collection rate, then the bank can add the shortfall in their base rate. The different base rates of commercial banks in Nepal is what makes the interest rate different in different banks.

So, here we have a list of the latest base rates of commercial banks in Nepal.

Base rates of commercial banks in Nepal

S.No.Commercial BankBase Rate as of Ashad end 2077Base Rate on Ashad end 2076% change since last year
1.Kumari Bank Limited10.08%10.82%-6.84
2.Civil Bank Limited9.84%11.11%-11.43
3.Century Commercial Bank Limited9.38%11.29%-16.92
4.Agricultural Development Bank Limited9.26%10.58%-12.48
5.Nepal SBI Bank Limited9.25%9.73%-4.93
6.Laxmi Bank Limited9.23%10.26%-10.04
7.Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited9.21%10.37%-11.19
8.Citizens Bank International Limited9.04%10.52%-14.07
9.Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Limited9.03%10.23%-11.73
10.Siddhartha Bank Limited9.03%10.57%-14.57
11.Sunrise Bank Limited8.95%10.32%-13.28
12.NMB Bank Limited8.95%9.86%-9.23
13.Bank of Kathmandu Limited8.71%9.98%-12.73
14.Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited8.62%10.2%-15.49
15.Sanima Bank Limited8.62%9.45%-8.78
16.Prime Commercial Bank Limited8.62%10.03%-14.06
17.Global IME Bank Limited8.42%9.54%-11.74
18. Himalayan Bank Limited8.38%9.05%-7.40
19.Mega Bank Nepal Limited8.32%9.98%-16.63
20.Prabhu Bank Limited8.32%9.36%-11.11
21.Everest Bank Limited8.05%8.12%-0.86
22.NIC Asia Bank Limited7.7%9.48%-18.78
23.Nepal Investment Bank Limited7.51%8.33%-9.84
24.Nabil Bank Limited7.32%8.09%-9.52
25.Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited7%7.63%-8.26
26.Nepal Bank Limited6.99%7.98%-12.41
27.Rastriya Banijya Bank5.8%5.5%5.45

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How does the base rate affect the deposits and loans?

You now have access to the base rates of commercial banks of Nepal. What we can derive from the base rates is that lower the base rate, lower the interest on loans. However, base rates also affect the interest on the deposit. In this case, if the bank has a lower base rate, then you will also get lower interest rates on your deposits and saving on the bank.

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