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Nabil Smart Bank: Forgot your mobile banking password? Follow 6 easy steps



Nabil Smart Bank what do when forgot password

Nabil Smart Bank is Nabil Bank’s Official Mobile Banking App. It was launched in order to make easy banking from hand-held devices, from anywhere anytime. Users can manage Bank Accounts from anywhere with this secure Mobile Banking App from Nabil Bank. Users need to login and to their accounts in order to use the app. But what if the user forgot the login password or Transaction PIN? Don’t worry, just follow the steps provided below.   

Forgot your mobile banking password?

If you have forgotten your login password or transaction PIN then follow the steps below:

1.First contact your bank

2.You will receive a SMS notifying you that your service has been reset

3.Then open your Nabil Smart Bank app on your phone

4.Tap on’ unable to login’ which is present just under the login button

Nabil Smart Bank login

5.Then tap ‘Not Activated Yet?’

Nabil Smart Bank activate

6. Provide required info and Re-activate your service

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How to change the login password?

To change the login password, follow the steps below:

1.Login to your Nabil Smart bank app

2. Tap in settings

3.Tap change password

4.Input your current password and then type your new password.

5.Tap submit

How to change Transaction PIN?

To change Transaction PIN, follow the steps below:

1.Login to your Nabil Smart bank app

2. Tap in settings

3.Tap Change Transaction PIN

4.Input your current Transaction PIN and then type your new Transaction PIN.

5.Tap submit

Key Features of Nabil Smart Bank App:

  • Dual-Channel Access (Internet/SMS)
  • Availability in NTC/Ncell mobile services
  • Third-Party Fund Transfer (Nabil Bank/eSewa Member Banks)
  • Easy to navigate Bank’s Branches/ATMs/Merchant locations
  • User-friendly app with personalization features
  • Display of Bank’s merchant offers/discounts
  • View Exchange Rate/Stock Market/Account Statement
  • Credit Card Bill Payments
  • Mobile Bill Payments
  • Mobile Top-up viz. NTC prepaid/postpaid, Ncell prepaid/postpaid, PSTN, ADSL
  • Recharge Cards viz. NTC prepaid, Dish Home, Broadlink
  • Merchant Payments
  • Load eSewa Wallets
  • Notification & Alerts: Transaction Alerts, Loan Repayment Alerts, Push Notifications
  • Account balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, Full Statement Request, Cheque Book Request
  • Responsive and Interactive Design
  • Biometric login security
  • Self-registration for customers
  • Personalized QR code
  • Engaging promotion banners
  • Fonepay integration
  • Account dashboard
  • Calendar integration
  • QR Code payment
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