Things you should know before starting a blog

Things you should know before starting a blog

What is blog ?

As we know that blogging is the point where creativity meets the technology ,and as a blogger we love writing about things we think about ,blogging isn’t just about writing the stuff that you like it’s more than that , in this article we are going to point out some of the main this you should know before starting a blog.

How is Blog Writing?

Blogging takes a lot of times and effort it’s not just a writing that you should care about .you have think about many things like editing,researching,sourcing images and many more .once you publish your piece of art you have to do hard works to promote it to the targeted audience. be prepared to face the audience crisis that you will face in the beginning. It might take many months,years and more time to
make it happen as a blogger.especially if you have chosen a very competitive niche.

Scope and required skill:

There are millions of blogs and bloggers out there in internet ,only way ti stand out in the crowd is to make your own way and choosing a right niche for you ,by choosing your path and choosing the right niche for yourself it will be easy for you to identify your audience and readers and you’ll about the things that your audience are expecting from you,by choosing making your own path and choosing the right niche for yourself it will be easy for you to stay motivated and there will be no self doubt and this method will help you to boost your creativity.


Think some of the tech giants like Google, Apple. INC and many others they all started as a small. The main mindset that a content writer must have is that they need a continuity even in any situation. they must have to maintain the motivation upon them. Make a clear vision. here, the clear vision refers the destination where you want to reach.You must have to contribute on a same field.

You can choose the tech field or any other field to drop out your opinion and ideas but you need to maintain your own strength. if you expect a lot of money and other luxurious aspect from blogging then you are wrong. Yes, you can earn enough from blogging but all you need to know is how many time does you invest, according to that and the valuation of your platform you can earn.

Don’t do:

The common mistake of many people is they can quit the blogging in the middle of the struggling phase as they can think that they will not continue because of some technical errors and problem. But in the blogging continuity is everything for you. The efforts you deliver will be the key of success.

We hope these guidelines help you to know about the things about blogging . If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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