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How to change the date of a post on Facebook timeline: Know steps



Change timeline date of your Facebook(1)

Change Facebook Date on your post:

The most popular social media Facebook was launched on February, 2004 by the company of Mark Zukerburg. This social media has grabbed the attention of the global market. The one of the reason that Facebook is on the apex popularity is that Facebook can sharp their features depending upon the needs of the time.
Among the billions of users you might be one of them and you also want to change your date of your Facebook post on your timeline. So, Here tech byte is going to mention some of the steps that will makes change on the post of your timeline.

You need to follow these step wise guide to customize the date of a post on your Facebook timeline.

Note that you can only customize/change the date of something which you’ve posted on Facebook.

  1. First of all, you need to findout the post and need to click on the three-dot icon of the post.
  2. Secondly you need to select Change Date in order to edit the date.
  3. At last, you have to enter a new date then tap on option leveled click Save.

By the proper following of the above mentioned steps makes change on your post.

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