How to use torrent safely?

How to use torrent safely?

About Torrent:

whats comes on your mind after you heard the term “torrent” in the technical world? torrent usually refers to a computer file containing the meta data which holds various information. The extension of the torrent file is .torrent. the information of torrent files is using by a BitTorrent software. They are u Torrent, Transmission or BitTorrent for the “real” distribution, which essentially allows for users to easily download torrent files to their personal computers.

Due to the download of the copyrighted materials unknowingly, some of the countries have prohibited the use of torrent and announced it as illegal letting it the means of incarceration. But it doesn’t give sense to mean that the torrent is completely unsafe for the consumption. There are so many legal torrents sites and here also tech byte is going to mention how to use torrent safely:

Before getting started look check the points below:

  • Itself torrent is a legal technology and one of a decentralized protocol for transferring large files efficiently and quickly.
  • Be sure that you can’t share copy-protected files, if you could do so then you are breaking the law depending on which country you live in and whether you were an uploader or just a lecher.
  • The common penalties for downloading copy-protected files are likely to be given as a civil (like a fine) rather than criminal, but local laws also determines what you will gone through.

Methods to use torrent safely:

“The Tools are the best methods for secure torrents” -Ict Byte

Using VPN:

VPNs are the most common, familiar and widely used privacy maintaining tool in the torrent community so people like to use VPNs to use torrent.
Working mechanism:

First of all you need to route all your internet traffic through their server
Assign you a new public IP address which is impossible to trace you.
Encrypt all your traffic to escape from your ISP.
Click Here to choose the effective VPN. Then do all the setup.


If you gone through just opposite than the legal & privacy risks, downloading torrents from public trackers can have other security risks as well. The thread of malware and phishing ads are frequently tries to attack from virus and Trojans(embedded in files).

Here are some of the way to deal:

Timely update your browser.
Not to enable Flash.
Use secured and sepersted browser for torrent file.
Use Ad blocker.
Use real time antivirus.


We hope these guidelines help to use torrent safely. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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