How to know if someone blocked you in Instagram?

Know if someone blocked you on instagram

Facebook owned popular social media Instagram doesn’t notify you when someone blocked you. If you have some doubtful stuff of not seeing someone from long time on Instagram must likely after you got blocked from them.but sometimes it might be occurs for other reason. this is only the doubt so you need to move further to verify whether you are blocked or not by someone. here, TECH BYTE is going to tell you how to know if someone blocked you in Instagram. Let’s move on!

we can easily found so many third party apps that claims that they will notify you when someone blocked you. Deep down this is just a rumors and if it doesn’t goes wrong then it is a proper spam. almost these type of app are cheating with us and they are spamming to the users. They never works.

So the below mentioned methods will be milestone to know if someone blocked you in Instagram or not.

Method 1: searching method:

  1. Open the app or click here to open Instagram website,
  2. Start the search by tapping the search icon(only search those id’s which are under your suspection.)
  3. If you don’t find the user whom you are trying to search might have blocked you.

Method 2: history checking method:

  1. Start to check old comments & inbox which was between you and the suspective account.
  2. Click on profile.
  3. If Instagram says” This account is private” then you are just only removed from the follower if the Instagram says that” No post yet” or doesn’t let you to view the account of supespective person then it means that you are blocked.

After verifying the method 1 and 2 if result comes in the favor of blocked issue the open the website of Instagram and input the URL of the suspective account. If the profile present after the searching by the profile then 100% you are blocked from them.

Note: Try all the method then only be sure whether you are blocked or not. If you just try only one method and wants to verify then it will not works and you don’t know the accurately whether you are blocked or not. so check all the above methods to know if someone blocked you in Instagram.

Now you are all set.

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