8 Best Torrent Sites To Find Any Torrent [2020 Edition]

8 Best Torrent Sites To Find Any Torrent [2020 Edition]

Torrent Sites

These days, there is no shortage of torrent sites. If you have been using torrent, you might realize that there is a ton of torrent sites for torrent files. It is important to be aware of most of the torrent sites. Since most countries, regions, or Internet service providers prohibit torrent sites, most torrent sites have begun to call themselves torrent search engines.

Torrent search engines are websites that do not directly host torrent files on their servers but can help you search for torrents from other websites. You can directly enter the name of the torrent file you want to download, and these torrent search engine websites will show you the results of many other websites. You can choose the torrent file that suits you best and download it.

This is a complete list of the 8 most popular torrent sites in 2020. The list provided below is based on various different traffic reports. It shows the Alexa ranking of each of us. In addition, we also include last year’s score.

8 Best Torrent Sites


Torrentz2 Torrent Sites

This is one of my favorite torrent sites, which contains 61,100,000+ torrents files. This is the second version of the original search engine, which is called Torrentz. Despite changing the name and URL, the new version quickly overtook its predecessor.

It is one of the most comprehensive search engines out there and visited by more than 21 million people every month, and it is currently the most popular of these sites. In addition to searching for specific names and addresses, there is another convenient feature, the homepage of the website provides the most popular and verified seed files. It includes categories such as movies, TV shows, etc. Torrentz2 combines many results from another torrent finder that shows you the desired result.

Link: Torrentz2

Torrents Torrent Sites

So far, you have seen that even the best Torrent search engines offer very simple designs. If you want more advanced content, you will be happy to hear Torrents. This highly decorated website allows you to search millions of torrent files all over the web. And if you scroll down on the homepage, you will see a lot of useful information, including popular torrent files.

The most useful part of the site is at the bottom of the homepage where you can see a large number of hosts in different categories and subcategories. In this way, it allows you to search for content very accurately.

Link: Torrents

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Torrent Sites

Zooqle is a Google movie torrent site. You will find hundreds of movies here. When you open Zooqle, you think you are browsing a media streaming website. There is a search bar in the upper left corner, but the rest of the screen is reserved for photos and artwork.

Zooqle displays the most popular categories on the homepage, where you can watch popular movies, TV shows, music, etc. Clicking on any of these pictures will display a detailed overview of that title. For example, if you click on the title of any TV show, you will see why Zooqle is so special. You will be able to select seasons and plots to narrow your search in a very specific way. After that, you can browse different torrent files and download the files using your favorite torrent client.

Torent Seeker


TorrentSeeker is a clean and powerful torrent engine. The design of the home page is beautiful and simple. It is also a powerful torrent search engine, which uses a custom Google search to extract torrents from 100+ torrent sites.

The site also claims to regularly use popular torrents, the latest proxy sites, and specialized resources and languages ​​to update its database. The user-friendly interface makes searching for torrents easier than ever. Anyway, it does what it does, and its job is to find the seeds that users want. You can also sort results based on relevance and date. This site does not use any form of advertisement.

Link: Torent Seeker



Monova is one of the best Torrent search engines out there. Design is simple, beautiful, and limiting annoying pop-up ads. This is not a great website in all cases, I tried to find it and the result does not include any similar pages but it is the most popular for movies from 2002.

People may like this website because there are super-fast updates every minute., you can see them on the website. Monova will ask you to disable the ad blocker, but if you do, you should not do it, you want to avoid being infected with malware. Don’t forget to use VPN privacy

The same is true for procedures.

Link: Monova

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Toorgle is another name in the list of best torrent search engines, and it was inspired by Google. Just like Torrentz2, its homepage only has the Torrent column. After searching for files using a torrent browser, you can sort the results by relevance and date. The overall appearance of the site looks a bit dated, but even on the slowest Internet connection, it makes the site lighter and loadable.

Externally, Toorgle looks a bit outdated, but that’s why this torrent searcher website is lightweight and can upload to slow connections. I searched over 450 torrent sites to find what you need and provide the best results After entering a search query in Toorgle torrent, it will search 450 torrent sites to find the best results for you. You can check the torrent file and download it as needed.

Link: Toorgle



TorrentDownload comes with a very simple user interface and can complete the work right away. You can use it like any “traditional” torrent site because there is a search bar at the top of the page. No matter which way you go, you can be sure to find millions of seeds here. It’s also worth noting that TorrentDownload is a very reputable website and has been around for quite some time. Additionally, it relies heavily on sites like Torrentz2, RARBG, and LimeTorrents (all of them go out of their way to provide verified torrents).

Link: TorrentDownload


Many people will be surprised to find that Internet Service Providers are completely visible in Internet browsing. These companies are able to collect your personal data and provide it to third parties. Therefore, it is necessary to protect your data and prevent anyone who tries to collect it from accessing it. This is especially important if you plan to download and share torrent files.

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