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How To Check Nepal Rastra Bank Exchange Rate Online? (2020)

How To Check Nepal Rastra Bank Exchange Rate Online? (2020)

What is the exchange rate in simple words?

It is the price of one country’s currency in terms of the currency of other countries.

How is the exchange rate determined?

It can be determined by a fixed or pegged rate which is determined by the government through its central bank (Nepal Rashtra Bank). The rate is set against another major currency such as the U.S. dollar, euro, etc. The government will buy and sell its own currency against the currency to which it is pegged to maintain its rate of exchange.

How to check the exchange rate of Nepal?

1) Open browser in your device
2) Go to Nepal Rastra Bank site
3) Then on the right side, you will see Foreign Exchange Rates
4) Click on the More option
5) You will be redirected to the exchange rate page
6) All the rates are available and you can also select the preferred date.

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Exchange rate online

Rates for 14th September:

  Indian Rupee100160.00160.15
U.S. Dollar1117.36117.96
  European Euro1139.04139.75
  UK Pound Sterling1150.17150.94
 Swiss Franc1129.14129.80
  Australian Dollar185.4985.92
 Canadian Dollar189.1089.56
  Singapore Dollar185.7786.21
 Japanese Yen1011.0611.11
 Chinese Yuan117.1717.26
  Saudi Arabian Riyal131.2931.45
  Qatari Riyal132.2332.39
  Thai Baht13.753.77
  UAE Dirham131.9532.12
  Malaysian Ringgit128.2628.40
  South Korean Won1009.889.93
 Swedish Kroner113.3813.45
  Danish Kroner118.6918.78
  Hong Kong Dollar115.1415.22
  Kuwaiti Dinar1383.73385.69
  Bahrain Dinar1311.23312.82

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