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Two-factor authentication on Zoom now available for Desktop and mobile app

Two-factor authentication on Zoom now available for Desktop and mobile app

Two-factor authentication on Zoom is now available for both the desktop and the mobile app. Previously, this feature was only available on the web version of Zoom. This new feature will add a new security layer that will make Zoom more secure for people to use.

The addition of two-factor authentication on Zoom for Desktop and mobile app will provide improved security to users from all type of devices including desktops, mobiles, and web applications.

In addition, Zoom has also provided the feature to receive OTP codes for one-time login. Now, you can receive the login codes on SMS as well, which was previously available only via Google authenticator.

Moreover, Zoom has also added the feature of recovery codes using which you can log in to your Zoom account if you do not have access to your phone to receive the OTP code.

Why is two-factor authentication on Zoom important?

The two-factor authentication on Zoom is a very useful addition in terms of security. It adds an extra layer of security so that even if your password gets exposed, hackers cannot log in to your Zoom account. They need to go through an extra layer of security which requires an OTP code to be entered, The OTP code will only be sent to the number that you have included in the two-factor authentication setup.

Therefore, to access a Zoom account, you need to have both the password as well as the number you set up your two-factor authentication on Zoom with.

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Zoom is a video-conferencing application that has been very popular currently with the current Covid-19 pandemic compelling people to work from home and communicate with clients and team members with the help of video conferencing app like Zoom.

Also, schools, colleges, and institutions have adapted Zoom to conduct online classes during this pandemic. With a large number of users now on Zoom, the introduction of an improved security option is welcome news.

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