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4G Users in Nepal! Know the stats of 4G in Nepal

4G Users in Nepal! Know the stats of 4G in Nepal

The number of 4G users in Nepal has seen a recent surge due to the expansion of 4G services throughout the country. A remarkable 180,000 new 4G users were recorded in Nepal within just one month. This data comes from the Management Information System (MIS) report for the month of May, published by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, indicating a significant increase of 180,618 4G users in the month of Jestha compared to Baisakh in the year 2080.

In Jestha, there are now a total of 19,962,107 4G users, whereas in the previous month of Baisakh, the count stood at 19,781,489, showing a notable growth.

Among the telecom providers in Nepal, Nepal Telecom boasts the largest number of 4G users. As of Jestha, Telecom has an impressive customer base of 128,470,027, while Ncell serves 71,149,900 customers.

To put this into perspective, Telecom alone managed to add 168,189 new 4G users in just one month, while Ncell saw an increase of 12,429 new 4G customers over the same period.

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