Catchy 25 Slogan of IT Companies of World

Catchy 25 Slogan of IT Companies of World

Preface :

25 Slogan of IT companies in world with their economics status are given in this articles the main objective of this article is to highlights how slogan can help you to grow your business.

Defination :

Slogan is a short and striking or memorable phrase used in advertising.The phrases may be used to attract attention to a distinctive product feature or mind makeup for company’s brand.All truly they will know what makes an effective catchy slogans they will boost up their company. .There are five elements which makes the slogan popular and catchy.

Elements :

  1. Simplicity: all effective slogans are very simple.It helps to remember a slogan.
  2. Different: a tagline must show customers and potential customers how the company is different and loyal to clients.
  3. Memorable: an effective slogan must stick in the minds of people who see it. Not only must a slogan be different it must also be memorable.
  4. Convey a benefit: an effective phrase must tell a potential Of how a product or service will benefit them
  5. Identity: the slogan must establish a business’s identity and tell the customer what sets it apart from the competition.

Importance of Slogan :

Slogan help to fill in the information gaps that the rest of the business doesn’t cover as effectively — be it what your product or service actually is, or why a customer should choose you over someone else. Thinking of a tagline as the glue that holds brand together is the key of making slogan catchy.It’s a attractive collection of economic profiles and collections of technology slogans covering different types of organizations especially indicating hardware & software giants, database solutions, technology retailers etc.A technology / IT / software company needs to stand out against the crowd. They are good at that when it comes to driving tech innovation already so here are top IT companies economic status & slogan of world mentioned below:

IT Companies economic profile & Their Slogan:

Microsoft Corporation:

Revenue: $125 billion

Net Income: $39.2 Billion

Slogan:Be What’s Next

International Business Machine (IBM) :

Revenue: $ 77.1 billion

Net Income: $11.4 Billion

Slogan :THINK


Revenue: $43.2 Billion

Net Income: $4.85 Billion

Slogan: High Performance


Revenue: $40 Billion

Net Income: $11 Billion

Slogan: Oracle is THE information company.


Revenue:US$11.17 billion 

Net Income:US$2.95 billion

Slogan:Creativity for all


Revenue:US$280.522 billion 

Net Income: US$11.588 billion

Slogan :Work hard. Have Fun. Make History.


Revenue: €104.210 billion

Net Income: €5.022 billion

Slogan:Sheer Driving Pleasure


Revenue: $90 Million.

Net Income: $1.7 million

Slogan: The source for computing and technology

Dell Computer:

Revenue: US$90.6 billion

Net Income: 4.62 billion U.S. dollars

Slogan: Dell. Purely You

Globe telecom:

Revenue:2.956 billion USD

Net Income: 1.1 billion USD

Slogan: Holding


Revenue: 1.242 billion USD

Net Income: 116 million USAD

Slogan: You Press the Button

Optus 1:

Revenue: 8.93 billion

Net Income: 764 million

Slogan: yes


Revenue: $199 million

Net Income: 2.2 Billion USD

Slogan: Software for the Open Enterprise


Revenue:8.002 trillion (JAPANESE YEN)

Net Income: 284.1 billion (JAPANESE YEN)

Slogan: A Better Life, A Better World


Revenue: €19.482 billion

Net Income: €1.173 billion

Slogan: sense and simplicity


Revenue: 520 Million USD

Net Income: 152 Million USD

Slogan: Sound Innovation

Orbital Sciences Corporation

Revenue:1.37 billion USD

Net Income: 68.37 million USD

Slogan: The Leader in Small Space and Rocket Systems


Revenue: 23.33 billion Euro

Net Income: 18 million Euro

Slogan: Connecting People


Revenue: 197.7 billion USD

Net Income: 18.6 billion USD

Slogan: Imagine


Revenue: 7.89 billion USD

Net Income: 868 million USD

Slogan: Hello. Moto

Linux Technologies

Revenue: USD 3.89 billion

Net Income: US $150 million.

Slogan: Wireless Made Simple


Revenue: 71.9 billion USD

Net Income: 21.0 billion USD

Slogan: Experience What’s Inside


Revenue: 274.515 billion USD

Net Income: 57.411 billion USD

Slogan: Think different.


Revenue: € 44.974 billion

Net Income: € 455 million

Slogan: Make the Most of Now

3PARdata Inc. :

Revenue: US$194.28 million

Net Income: US$194.28 million

Slogan: Serving Information. Simply.

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