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Top 10 Tech (IT) Company in Australia

Top 10 Tech (IT) Company in Australia

Do you want to know the top tech companies in Australia?

Australia’s technology and software sector have reached its height. It’s actually booming. There are large numbers of expertise in the software domain in Australia.

Australia’s Melbourne city is the tech hub where more than half of the top technology companies in Australia lies in this city.

With having the best and talented pools of tech enthusiasts, here are some of the best tech companies to look for in Australia.

Top Tech Companies in Australia

#1. Unified InfoTech

Unified Info Tech is an award-winning technology company which is located in Sydney Australia. It has almost more than 250 employees. It is working with global enterprises and startups as the end-end solution partners.

They are a great combination of smart planning and design thinking approach. They help to accelerate the business efficiency of their clients.

#2. SimForm

SimForm is a top software development company located in Melbourne Australia. They had about 250 employees. Their main mission is to help successful companies to extend their tech capacity.

They help the business teams to decide the right architecture and processes to follow in their projects. They take care of their development needs.

#3. Iflexion

Iflexion is an advanced web and mobility solutions company. The company has established since 1999 and has about 999 employees to date. It helps various industries to optimize their business process through custom software solutions. It has worldwide clients ranging from startups to large enterprises.

#4. Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

Cyber infrastructure inc is an old player in the software industry with 12+ years of experience in the field of IT. The company is located at Canberra city of Australia.

It has tech expertise to help you with your technology needs. It has about 1000 employees who help to deliver businesses in their problems. The company delivers optimal solutions for wide-ranging global clients.

#5. OpenXcell

OpenXcell is a leading mobile application development company in Australia located in Dubbo, Australia.

This company is best known for delivering innovative software solutions and mobile applications.

It has about 250-999 employees in the company. Along with the mobile applications it also provides services in Software conceptualization and design, software product testing and many more.

#6. DCSL Software Ltd.

DCSL software ltd is the UK’s leading software development company. It has its branch in Sydney Australia with 50-249 employees.

This company is expertise in designing intelligent and cost-effective web applications. The company helps streamline processes for business as well as create revenue for new startup companies. They help the startup to build their business.

#7. Selleo

Selleo is a software development company with more than 250 employees. It is located at the tech hub of Australia in Melbourne. For the last 10 years, Selleo has delivered professional services for more than 160+ software development projects.

They have clients all over nations including the US, Canada, Europe, etc. It has a wide spectrum of business domains and technologies that include NODEJS, React JS, Native, Ruby on Rails and so on.

#8. Belatrix Software

Bellatrix Software is a software company located in Sydney Australia that shapes your ideas into great software products. The company had almost 250-999 employees.

It helps their clients reach out to their business goals into reality. They develop tech quality innovative software, mobile applications with efficient testing. They follow the Agile Methodology and proper design thinking approach.

#9. DockYard, Inc

Dockyard Inc is a digital product agency in Melbourne Australia with 50-249 employees. The company offer you custom software, mobile and web applications.

They had exceptional professional services with the strategy in user experience, design with brilliant digital ideas.

The company is associated with clients all over the globe including Netflix, Apple, Nasdaq, Fidelity Investments,, McGraw-Hill, Harvard, Constant Contact, Zipcar, WNYC, and various startups.

#10. Zealous system

The zealous system is a software company providing various web development services and mobile app development for various platforms. The company is a trusted Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

The company work in the latest technology trends like Swift, Kotlin, Java, Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic, and React Native.

They had expertise in every platform with about 250 employees in the company. The company also follow agile methodology and make sure for the client’s satisfaction with their clean codes and high-quality performance.

There are many more top tech companies in Australia, we cannot list each and every list here. These are some of the top tech companies in Australia we researched and listed according to ratings and user preferences.

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