Top 10 IT & Software Company in India

Top 10 IT & Software Company in India

India has a great source of talented people in the field of software development in IT industries. They have polished and skilled professionals. Due to which many renowned companies from all around the world are outsourcing a lot of projects from India.

Projects include software development, web development, AI, process automation work and many more.

In IT Sector, top software companies in India are playing a huge role in the growth of technology space in their country.

Top IT companies in India have ranked in the global leaders in the IT sector of the world over the last decades.

Here are the list of top 10 software company in India :

Top 10 Software Company in India

#1. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Tata CS is the largest IT company in India that is owned by the TATA group established in 1968. It was once ranked among the top in Forbes as the Best Management Consulting Firms 2020 in the world. it generates roughly 70 % of revenue for tata sons.

It was also ranked 10th in Forbes as Top Regarded Companies 2018-19.

Tata Consultancy Services is the largest IT recruiter in India over a decade which has 400,000 + employees over 46 countries, all around the world. It’s not only the top IT industry in India but also 6th ranked company all around the world.


Infosys is a multinational company in India with a workforce of over 200,000 employees in different countries. It is the first Indian company to be listed in NASDAQ. Infosys is involved in the software development industry.

Along with software development, it is high in the research of next-generation Technology, Machine Language and AI. It has held its place in the top IT industry with headquarters in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

#3. International Business Machine (IBM)

IBM (International Business Machine ) is an American company that has over 170 branches in different countries. This company has almost 4,50,000 employees all over the world. 

Its headquarter is in New York USA. It provides various services in the IT industry with technology like cloud computing, AI and machine learning, and blockchain.


Wi Pro company belongs to one of the top IT companies in India. It was the first Indian software technology to achieve the ISO 4001 certification in 2002. 

Wipro offers different services in the software industry. It helps the business company and other expertise to help them meet their objectives.

The company has many different focus areas like data science, Machine Learning and now currently in Blockchain technologies. 

#5. HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies is a multinational Indian Company which was incorporated in 1976. It has almost 117,000 plus employees over 30 nations. Its branches are worldwide including Germany, Uk, and France. Its headquarter lies in  Noida India.

It is associated with global enterprises like HP, Deutsche, and many other top tech companies. HCL Technologies is ranked among the top 10 best in India with market capital over $17 billion USD.

It is mainly involved in manufacturing computer equipment and services. HCL also provides software services in the automotive, finance and banking sectors.

#6. Cognizant

Cognizant is a US-based IT company which has employee about 2,82,000 over the globe including India. It is not only ranked top 6 in ‘India but also 9th rank in the world 2020.

It provides services mainly in the banking sector for high-end development of analytics services for lending money. Cognizant is also associated with Business Consultancy and Process Management with technology in India.

#7. Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is a multinational Company which was incorporated in 1986 in Pune, India. It has almost 110000 workforces in operation over 90 countries.

The company is also CMMi level 5 company and also ranked among the top in the Fortune India 500 in the Indian IT Industry and globally.

It helps clients all over the world by offering customer-centric and technology expertise to transform their business into integrates services.

#8. ORACLE Financial Services

Oracle Financial Services is the IT department of Oracle Corporation. It is also known as i-Flex Solutions to the banking industry.

It provides financial services with cloud solutions like the Digital Innovation Platform, Engaged Banking and Financial Services API Economy. 

The Oracle company has a customers over 1000 plus in 150 nations worldwide. This company belongs to the Top IT Company in India with 8000 plus employees.

#9.  Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LTI)

Larsen & Toubro Infotech is one of the top IT companies in India which was incorporated in 1997 and a subsidiary of L&T Group. It has over 250 clients worldwide. It was also awarded as 

A top performer in global corporate s0cial responsibility in 2016. 

#10. MindTree

Mindtree is a multinational IT company in India which was established in 1999. Its headquarter lies in Bengaluru, India. The company has about 14000 employees from different countries in the world. 

The company is offering different services in  Data Analytics, Digital Services, Application Development and Maintenance, Enterprise Application Services and  Independent Testing.

We researched from different sources for this ranks and listed Top 10 Software Company in India based on rating, survey, reputation, and revenue. There are many other top growing companies in India like Zoho, CMC Limited, 3I Infotech, etc.

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