5 Apple Watch Apps You Should be Using

5 Apple Watch Apps You Should be Using

Apple Watch is celebrating its 5th birthday. Apple watch will turn 5 on 24th April, 2020.

When the Apple watch was released on 2015, it had around 3000 smart watch apps to download. And today, there are more than 20,000 apps for the apple watch.

Here is the list of 5 apple watch that you should be using now.

1. Noise

Noise app on apple watch is for measuring ambient of sound in the environment. If decibel level of your environment goes up, it notifies you.

2. Cycle Tracking

To track the menstrual cycle, this app is very useful for women. Similarly, this app gives detail about the flow information and symptoms. Also, this app predicts the time of your next menstrual period.

3. News

News app of google watch provides the latest news to you. Here, you can get news as per your interest. It is one of the must have app on Apple Watch.

4. Camera

Directly, your watch can not click a photo. But this app lets you to take the photo in your iPhone. Simply, this app helps to make your watch remote control to click the photo for the iPhone.

5. Walkie- Talkie

Walkie-talkie app on your apple watch helps to make your smartwatch walkie-talkie. You can press a button to talk and release that button to listen. Voice memo recorded is synced with your iOS devices.

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