Coronavirus: Know how you can stop bad information from going viral

Coronavirus: Know how you can stop bad information from going viral

During this coronavirus pandemic, many people are talkinfg about “Information Hygiene”. Misinformation about coronavirus is spreading worldwide. And, here is how you can support your community by not letting the bad information about coronavirus from going viral.

1. Stop and Think

You get information from different sources. It can be email, whats-app, viber, facebook or any other medium. You want to forward this message to your friends, family and others. You want to do this because you want to support them by providing the latest information.

Before forwarding the message, stop for a while. And think, is this information really helps your friends and family?

Are you sure about the information is right? Or still you yourself are in dilemma? If so, halt for a while and check it out further.

2. Is your source of information genuine?

Just before forwarding the message you received, think what is the source of information? Is the source friends of your friend? Is so, think twice before sharing the information. Or your source of information is neighbouring aunt? In this case, you might need to think more than twice.

What are the genuine source of information about coronavirus?

Follow genuine news source like, COVID19 Updates from ekantipur, Kathmandu Post, Ministry of Health and Population, World Health Organizations etc.

3. Can genuine sources be fake?

Genuine sources are most likely to be true. The chance of fake information is very low.

But there might be many accounts on social media platforms which impersonate officials account. So, before sharing the information, be sure you with genuine account of the genuine sources.

Also, screenshots can be fake. Taking screenshots and editing it is not hard task. So, verify once before sharing screenshots of the genuine medias as well.

Just follow verified accounts on social media for genuine news. This will keep you and your community safe from the coronavirus misinformation disease.

4. You have confusion? Don’t share

You are in dilemma that is the news true? In this situation, don’t share that news. If you share, you can make more harm than the good.

Still, if you are unsure about the fact, you can contact the experts for the verification of that.

5. Check each and every fact yourself

You might get a lot of list regarding what can be done and what can’t be done during this pandemic. Don’t follow every steps blindly. Instead, check each and every facts individually.

For health related fact, follow World Health Organization and Health Ministry. For news and updates, follow only genuine media.

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