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Top ISPs of Nepal: On the basis of Connections

Top ISPs of Nepal: On the basis of Connections

Worldlink ranked number one among the ISPs with the highest Internet Users.
Within a year, they had added almost 96,837 new users. It seems a huge success for the company.

According to the recent data published by Nepal Telecom Authority, Worldlink communications had a total of 363,572 customers till date.

But Nepal Telecom, the second-ranked company is lagged behind to increase the new users.
Among the top 5 companies, Nepal Telecom became the last one with only 21070 new users.

Top ISPs of Nepal on the basis of Connections

Internet Service ProvidersInternet ConnectionUpto 25th PoushNew ConnectionTotal Updates till now
Worldlink Communications266,73596,837363,572
Nepal Telecom2,1018821070239,258
Classic Tech44,1933732281,515

Subisu became the second among all with 38015 new connections of users. The 3rd ranked ISP Subisu is leading with a total of 101,973 users.

Similarly, Classic Tech ranked the third-highest ISP with 37322 new connections of users. Classic Tech almost increased the connection rate in the rate of a double.

Moreover, Vianet has made total users of 95218 till date with the addition of 32870 connections.

Although there are 125 accepted applicants for Internet and Email services, the authority department had only collected 31 data collections.

Hence, up to now, there are a total of 10 lakh 11 thousand and 328 internet connections. Among this, almost 50 lakh users only got Fiber-based Internet connections.

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