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US Vs Nepal memes of digitization and IT industry



us vs nepal meme

🇺🇸 vs 🇳🇵

This is what trending now!

US Vs Nepal is trending in social media. And we have listed some memes regarding digitization and IT industry in Nepal.

For this, we took reference from the post of Basanta K. Dhakal on one of the popular facebook group in Nepal.

Ganesh Karki: 🇺🇸 WOW! content creator 🇳🇵 Tori Youtubey!

Vivek Gupta: 🇺🇲: Netflix, Prime Videos, Disney+🇳🇵: Kat, Extra Torrent, 1337x, Pirate Bay

Kunal Sah: 🇺🇲 : We have to work on our Ads and Funnels for Marketing and Sales🇳🇵 : 100 रु ko boost gari dinus na pura Nagar lae herxa

Bishal Bhusal: 🇺🇸: wow good product I want to buy🇳🇵: pp

Prashant AcharyaWages in Software Engineering field : 🇺🇲: Will 30$ per hour work?🇳🇵: 3-4 hjaar ma ta website banxa hola ni haina

Sanjib Lamichhane: 🇺🇸 : Enter email and you’re all set.🇳🇵(eSewa): Enter passport number + family history + migration history + all ur personal information(Omg! i am shocked! ) 😬😬🤣

Bibek Gyawali: 🇺🇸 : Wow, you are ethical hacker.🇳🇵: mero girlfriendko id hack gardey na 😂

Kunal Sah🇺🇲 : Visit our career section to apply for job🇳🇵 : Applications form ko 250 lagxa ane 2 wata passport size photo ane +2 ko sartificate ane komputer kourse ko sartificate ane yaha bujhaunus

Sumedh Dawadi🇺🇸 : My son is a IT student.🇳🇵: khai computer samputure chalucha

Bishab🇺🇲 May I know your shop’s address?🇳🇵 Pp

Giri Saurav🇺🇸 we will convert this all land to farm🇳🇵 Aba yo jagga bechera australia jane ho

Narayan Kayastha🇺🇸 : PAYPAL Verified 🙂🇳🇵: PAYPAL Limited 🙁

Bimal Raj Paudel🇺🇸: I want to be an entrepreneur🇳🇵: “Mandu” thapera aru le pakako momo bechnu parcha

🇺🇲: Can you make a website for me?🇳🇵: Oi palla gharko kaki ko fan bigreko xa rey banaidey ta!!

Dulal Sandip🇺🇸: Vacancy for backend developer. Salary:80k🇳🇵: हामिलाइ backend developer चाइएको छ , along with having experience on frontend, python, node, java, aws, devops, UI designer, 10 years experience on flutter,android (infact whole IT company in one guy) .Salary: No bar for deserving candidate (लास्ट मा 20k ) 😜

Sulabh Bashyal🇺🇲 : So you’re a computer engineer, now are you thinking about developing any sort of softwares ?🇳🇵 : Computer kinna jada falana lai liyera janu, tyo moro computer engineering ho

Avishek Raut🇺🇲 : He is very good at coding🇳🇵 : tyo mula ta hacker ho

Nirmal Roka🇺🇸 : verified document for paypal n payoneer:)🇳🇵: how to make verified account from nepal:(

Shrestha Niju🇺🇸 : we do whatever customer asks for ! customer is god !!🇳🇵: tapai (ops needs to be timlai 😉, maan chaina bhaney nagarnu, yo yestai ho , yestari nai chalcha !

विनय मरहठ्ठा🇺🇸 : we have a team for digital marketing.🇳🇵: Cyber sena

Bipin Shrestha🇺🇸: Sees Facebook ad of a product.Clicks Shop Now > Pays > Waits for the product to be delivered.🇳🇵: Sees Facebook ad of a product.Comments: PpMessage: price kati ho?detail vannuna website ma herna aaudaina k..Photo pathaidinunaPachhadi ko dekhinegariMilayera dinuna😲 Ama delivery ko Rs. 50Cash of delivery ho ni haiRamro vayena vane mata linna niOk delivery gardinuMy number 9841*******After 2 hours: Thank you ma voli pasal ma aayera kinchhu haiAfter 3 days: Maile ta kinisake asti newroad gayera, bill naleko sasto ma paaye..

Anish Parajuli🇺🇸: i know how to code🇳🇵: i can write hello world in 10 programming languages

Sanzay Thapa🇺🇸 : Bro , can you make a logo for me? I will pay you $10.🇳🇵 : oi mero lagi logo banaide ta , chiya khuwauxu talai.

Nirajan Dhakalsomeone in 🇺🇸 : He is a software developer | someone in nepal 🇳🇵: Oe sathi , mero gf ko id hack gardena yar

Bishwo Bhusal🇺🇸: im doing csit/ iit/ bca/ mca etc..🇳🇵: IT ho hajur… haina haina technical ta…hardware haina… software haru banaune…hajurle fb chalaunu hunxa ni…tyasto app haru banaune… hajur hajur

Sampadaa Regmi🇺🇸: I am a freelancer🇳🇵: Office jadainau? ani Kam chai Ka garxau ta? ani k garxau 🤦🏼‍♀️

Milan ThapaI had this incident today morningTask: Need a billing software app🇺🇸 : We need some experienced dedicated to build our system with mobile apps with Backend API server along with security .🇳🇵: 4lakh ko project ho mobile app banide tara 50% malaiI told them you keep your entire money.

Mishra Om Sagar🇺🇲 : we understand software/system testing should be done by third party!🇳🇵 : Hya, tyasto naam chaleko company brand ko software system haleko kehi garnai pardaina!

Subas Niraula🇺🇸– Electoral Voting, everything is online, fast, reliable, strong.🇳🇵– sarkari websites, Server overload in 1 minute.

Mishra Om Sagar🇺🇲 : cyber attack is growing in an alarming rate: we need to increase our cyber security budget this year🇳🇵 : security test kina chahiyo, uhile garekai ho ni!

Sudarshan Subedi🇱🇷: we are designers, we are creators.🇳🇵: bhai mero fupu ko sathi ko xora ko bihe ko card banaide na

Subas Niraula🇺🇸 I need a professional website, I will pay whatever it costs.🇳🇵 Oi sano ma khaja khada paisa tireko samjhera mero euta website banaide na, logo pani halde. Ramro hai, babal huna paro.[Real Life stories) 😆

Mishra Om Sagar🇺🇲 : we have to hire more staffs in IT department🇳🇵 : tyo bhai le dhanekai cha, chhorako laptop ni banaidyo, budiko mobile ma WiFi ni chalne banaidiyo!

Subas Niraula🇺🇸: I need a laptop for work with these specifications, please suggest me one.🇳🇵: oi 10,000 ma kun babal gaming laptop aauxa vande ta.

Priyanca Gyawali🇺🇸: Okay lets plan 6 months to create and deploy this app.🇳🇵: Eso milayera dui hapta ma banihalcha ni jhyap jhup, haina?


Prajwal Raj Basnet🇺🇲: Just few taps and here you go you applied for it.🇳🇵: 3-4 hapta lagayera 1-2 baje bihana uthera form varera office gayera token liyera aayera letter lekhera email garera, email garey vanera call garnu tapaiko kam lagbhag huncha !

Swastik Raj Acharya🇺🇸: He is an IT studnet. He have good knowledge of computers and Networks.🇳🇵: Yeti jabo router ni banaune na aune vaye kina IT padeko ta ? Babu aijo ta hamro ghar ko TV herde asti bigrya thyo. Ta IT padya manxe

Ashish YadavBank in 🇺🇸: Let’s improve banking experience with mobile application full of awesome features.Bank in🇳🇵: password change garna lai “paisa de”.

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