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Google Chrome 86 warns users about deceptive unsecured forms

Google Chrome 86 warns users about deceptive unsecured forms

Google Chrome 86 is releasing on October 6, 2020. Chrome 86 will begin tracking and blocking the forms that are sent through the insecure HTTP protocol. Publishers are asked to review their sites in order to make sure that all forms are transmitted by secure HTTPs protocols.

According to Google’s official statement chrome will be making changes to eradicate the risks associated with mixed form(form through insecure HTTP) submissions. The main goal of this update is to alert the users that the data transferred by them can be viewed by unauthorized third parties.

What will Google Chrome 86 do?

> If the user is filling the insecure form the autofill will be disabled .

>A waning like the below in the photo will be shown

Google Chrome 86 first warning

>If the user fills the form and submit the form then a full page warning is shown

Google Chrome 86 2nd warning

>If still the user want to risk their data then they can click to the option send anyways.

Before Chrome M86 used to show the broken lock icon for an indication of warning but now chrome is advancing to a warning and blocking from submission. This strategy was not effective as users were not understanding it and were unknown to the consequences of submitting unsecured forms.

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What is the latest version of chrome?

84.0.4147.135 for Windows & Mac
84.0.4147.135 for Linux
84.0.4147.125 for Android

Does Google Chrome update automatically?

Yes, it updates automatically when you close and open the browser.

What are the four channels of chrome?

Stable, Canary, Beta and Dev.

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