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Excellent execution of chatbot in medical sector

Excellent execution of chatbot in medical sector

Artificial Intelligence has taken over in lots of aspects in field of technology. Use of robots in industries and automated features in gadgets that simulates human intelligence have influenced very sectors. Similar to these, chatbots are also one of the part of innovation of AI. Nowadays chatbots or simply bots are widely used in different kinds of business for various purpose. But can we try to at least think how chatbot can actually work as medical counselor or health assistant. Before going in depth first let’s get started by knowing what chatbot actually is.

What is a Chatbot?


Chatbot are the software application designed to interact with user via human-like text in natural language. It is an application that is intended to provide natural and accurate reply to the query asked by the user. The vast amount of information that is available on the internet allows Chatbots to provide accurate and efficient information based on the user’s requirements. Chatbots are used in domains like Customer Support, Virtual Assistance, Online Trainings, and Online Reservations and also for general conversations.

Most of the time different organization and business uses chatbot to handle minor task and provide customer service. Use of chatbots helps in saving up time of support staff and reduces cost to hire staff for minor roles. Beside this chatbot can also help in attracting customer attraction since it can initiate regular conversation with consumer just like human.

Working of Chatbot

Chatbots are actually intended to provide natural and accurate reply to the query asked by the user. Chatbots are developed by implementation of different natural language processing or NLP algorithm. .  Basically, NLP is concerned with how technology can interpret and respond to the human language inputs.  In case of chatbots, NLP allows the bots to understand the user message and respond it appropriately. For past years, developers have incorporated more innovative techniques to enable chatbots to better understand people’s questions and provide more useful responses.While today’s bots still can’t handle all customer queries, they can respond to frequently asked questions or perform straightforward tasks.

Initially, when a user posts the queries to the chatbot the bot tries to find the related reply that are more match able with query in its database. The database of the chatbot is preloaded with the possible queries and their corresponding replies. Based on these replies and queries in database chatbot will try to have a conversation with the user.

Chatbot as a Medical Counselor

Since we are well known about what chatbot is and how it works, let’s dive in depth and reimagine chatbot as a medical counselor. Can an AI robot act as a health assistance and provide required information that a doctor can provide? This answer to this question can be quite controversial or debatable. If AI have influenced so many professions and business, medical sector can be one of the prominent field that deserves to be influenced by AI.  Business wise implementing chatbot in medical related work can be risky but also worthy.

With the access of internet whenever we get sick or have some symptoms our first reach is Google. We as a user try to rely on Google’s result first before visiting medical professional. By searching the symptoms we got on Google we try to identify what actually happened to us. Then, why not use AI to reduce this havoc?

A medical chatbot can provide natural reply and other guidance if we ask our query to it. For example: if someone has mild headache, fever and cold as symptoms and let’s suppose that person typed these symptoms to chatbot. Just like chatting with another human the chatbot will provide possible disease that may have happened and initiate conversation.  

Some of the Existing Medical Chatbots


This chatbot was launched by New York based company. It is aimed towards providing guidance to ease the life of those involved in the fight against cancer with appropriate information.


Youper’s AI monitors and improves the emotional health of  the user through quick personalized conversation using psychological techniques. This chatbot app features personalized meditation and ability to track mood and monitor emotional health.


Florence is referred as a personal nurse and works on facebook messenger or skype. This chatbot can remind patients to take their pills on time which is a notable and handy feature for older patients. User just have to type the name of medicine and number of times they have to take it and at what time they should take it. After recording these details Florence will alert everytime to take the pill.


This free platform offers actionable health information based on highly accurate sources and lets the user make the best choices for his/her health. It is basically an A.I.-powered symptom checker.


Elomia is AI powered virtual therapists. It is aimed towards assisting for the treatment of anxiety and depression. This chatbot understands people’s emotions and is proven to help 40+ psychological problems. According to the records Elomia reduces 30 percent of anxiety symptoms. Conversation with Elomia can give the natural vibe and seems like a conversation with real psychologists.

Above mentioned are some examples of use of chatbot in assisting different health related problems. These chatbots have proven that use of AI in health and medical sector can be beneficial and useful. Besides solving health issue a chatbot can be very accommodating in managing medications, patient records, doctor’s appointment etc. Moreover, use of AI and its proper execution in this sector can be a game changing moment which will enhance advancement of technology.

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