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Best Language Learning Software(2020)

Best Language Learning Software(2020)

If you want to explore new language then we wi;l be talking about the best language learning software in this article. You can learn languages in various ways like you can join any class, read textbooks, join exchange program,and many more. In the recent situation the best way to learn language is through language learning software. Join any classes or programs is very risku during this pandemic time so learning through software is very feasible.

Why Do You Need Language Learning Software?

Learning language is a difficult task. It takes another level of dedication and time to learn another language. Because if we want to learn language then we have to focus on grammar, vocabulary,speech and many more which is very difficult task.

Classroom is considered as the best platform to learn language but due to the growth in tehcnology and internet acessibility is very easy to learn language through software. Due to its accessibility and affordability learning software is becoming popular among learners all over the world. Almost all the people have android,iPhone or laptop on their hand ,therefore they can download the software within a minute and start the learning process.

If you learn language through software then you can choose your own time and most importantly you can spend by looking your wallet.

Best Language Learning Software!!

  • Pimsleur
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Babbel
  • Duolingo
  • LinguaLift
  • iTalki


Pimsleur is considered as one of the best software for learning a language that is suited to everyone. The courses on Pimsleur is designed with conversational methodology. The lessons are in the form of audio and video and is no longer than half an hour. By using this software user can learn when they are travelling, subway or during breaks.

Best Language Learning Software

Courses can be achieved through phone as well as website. Other that core audio lessons, this software also includes flash card excerses, reading lessons and other material as well. This software has over 40 different languages.

Rosetta Stone:-

Rosetta Stone is considered the best language learning platform that offers more than 30 languages. It was firstly released as CD based program.

Best Language Learning Software

This software tries to combine all the basic elements of learning i.e, listening , reading, writing, speaking. It is considered as best because of its immersive speech recognisation technology. This software works on all devices : computer, tablets, smartphones. This software has plans starting from $35.97 for 3 months.


Babbel is a good learning software for grammars. Grammar is very essential for learning any language because it helps to step ahead from the basic level.

Best Language Learning Software

Grammar drills on this software are perfect. The drill contains combination of explanatory and interactive content. The intrestin thing about this software is that grammar tips pops up during regular lesson. It subscription price starts from $6.95/month.


Many of you might have heard the name Duolingo. It is best in the market and very popular among learners. It has more than 300 million users and is the most downloaded apps in Apple and Google stores. This software has a very interactive user interface which consists of points, leaderboards and other feature as well.

Best Language Learning Software

This software has free platform where users can enjoy learning. Learning language in duolingo is very intresting because its courses is designed as trees where one must clear certain levels before advancing.


LinguaLift offers three courses – Russian, Hebrew and Japanese. This software provides the user with exercise sheets and is based on text and image. In this software, every lesson comes with lengthy explanations. This software brings the content of its course back to the culture which is really interesting.

Best Language Learning Software

It has monthly and yearly subscription plan which starts with $20/mo.


iTalki is preferred by most learners because it offers 1-on-1 tutoring. It was started as a language exchange community where users practised their skills by chatting with native speakers.

Best Language Learning Software

Those who are trying to improve their learning skill should definitely try this software. There are teachers in iTalki who can help you learn language easily.


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