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Best Free Mobile Tracker Softwares.

Best Free Mobile Tracker Softwares.

Are you looking for best free mobile tracker softwares? Don’t worry you are in the right place and will get all the details about mobile tracker sogtware after you read this article. Many of you know and many of you might dont know abput mobile tracker software. A mobile tracker software is a software that tracks the acctivity including GPS location, call log, messages of the device.

Mobile tracker softwares are basically used if we want to get detailed information or track the activity of any person. They are mostly ised by parents to check their childrens activity or by company to monitor the employee’s activity.

There are many mobile trackers software so it is very difficult to choose among them. Mobile tracking software are of different types. Some can only track GPS whereas others can track calls, or monitor social media.

Some Of The Best Free Mobile Tracker Softwares


FlexiSpy is considered as one of the best mobile trackers. It lets you track android and iOS devices so that you can track the person you like to. You can also track the activity on computers.

Free Mobile Tracker Softwares

It is very easy to use. You just have to install it on your device and it works fluently. This app runs in the background and monitor activities.

Its best features are:

  • GPS location tracker
  • Record phone calls
  • Track messages
  • Access all pictures and videos
  • Monitor applications


Free Mobile Tracker Softwares

mySpy is the best tracker that is often used by parents to monitor their children’s activity. It is very easy to use and takes less than 10 minutes to install. This app works in the background therefore no one can get the idea of it being installed. Its features are:

  • GPS tracking
  • Call log monitoring
  • Monitor internet history
  • spy on social media activity
  • view all media files.

Highster Mobile:

Highster Mobile is a tracking software with an easy interface. This software can record various activities such as phone calls, photos. GPS location. browsing history and many more.

Free Mobile Tracker Softwares

Its features are :

  • Offeres live control panel
  • No rooting required
  • Monitor phone calls
  • Monito messages
  • Track GPS Location
  • View pictures and videos


Spyera is one of the best monitoring software for mobile phones, tablets, and computers. It allows monitoring android phone, tablet,iPhone or iPad.

Free Mobile Tracker Softwares

Its best features are:

  • It allows to track your kids and monitor their activities
  • It is wasy to install and has user friedly control panel
  • It is supported on Windows PC and Mac OS.


FamiSafe is designed so that parents can watch their kids activities. It allows to track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on device.

Free Mobile Tracker Softwares

Its best features are:

  • It helps to create healthy digital habits
  • It alerts when inappropriate coontent is found on kid’s device
  • It monitors phone activities remotely

Hidden Cell Phone Tracker:

Hidden Cell Phone Tracker allows you to track SMS,GPS, calls and messages. It is not visible to the users of targeted Android device

Free Mobile Tracker Softwares

Its best features are:

  • It remains invisible in the device
  • It can be installed from online account
  • It allows to view all the information reeived and sent by device users


Truecaller is the caller ID and spam blocking app. It helps to detect the unidentified numbers or calls from a person or company. It also allows blocking numbers.

Free Mobile Tracker Softwares

It best features are:

  • It manages all your communication
  • It helps to keep inbox clean
  • It identifies and unknown numbers.

Find My Device:

Find My Device the free mobile tracker created by google. It comes in use when you lose your android phone, tablet, Wear OS watch.

Free Mobile Tracker Softwares

Its best features are:

  • It helps find the devices when they are lost.
  • You can install the app on other devices.

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