apple wwdc 2020 event

Apple is set to unveil a groundbreaking functionality known as the ‘Personal Voice Feature’ exclusively for iPhone users. This innovative feature enables users to precisely replicate someone else’s voice, allowing them to generate speech that closely mimics their own. It is particularly designed to assist individuals facing vocal impairment, enablingRead More →

Sony, the Japanese electric company, is known for its commitment to innovation and technology. Recently, the company has been taking a strict stance on piracy across all its platforms, including play stations and audio/video services. In the digital age, piracy has become a major issue for many companies and industries,Read More →

The Hult Prize at IOE, also known as the “Nobel Prize for students,” is hosting its third episode, “Creating Business Idea and Design Thinking” to help young entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into reality. This year’s theme for the Hult Prize competition is “Redesigning Fashion” and participants are eager toRead More →