Nepal is all set for 5G technology!!

Nepal is all set for 5G technology!!

Nepal government has recently allocated frequency for 5G technology in Nepal. From the existing frequency in Nepal, an appropriate frequency is set to be chosen for the 5G technology. 5G technology has already been adapted in 34 countries and Nepal is also trying to be in the list so that it can stay competitive in the global economy.

To achieve the plan Nepal Government has decided to form up a panel and has urged them to work in a unit so that the goal can be achieved on time.

5G technology in Nepal

Panel for bringing 5G technology in Nepal!

Nepal Government has set panel under the leadership of Chudani(Simani)Chaulagain, member of Nepal Telecommunication Authority(NTA). The panel also includes information technology expert and the director at Nepal Telecommunication Authority Ananda Raj Khanal, undersecretary of Ministry of Information and Technology, Anup Nepal and deputy director of Ministry of Information and Technology Ambar Sthapit.

Likewise, the panel also includes deputy director of NTA Pradeep Poudel. The board has also decided to involve one representative from Nepal Telecome and NCELL.

What are the duties of panel members?

The selected members from the panel will decide an appropriate frequency for 5G and suggest to NTA. The panel will decide the frequency by conducting some research about the frequency used in the International stage as well as the International Telecommunication Union(ITU).

According to the source, the appropriate frequency for 5G can be 700, 2300, 2600, 3300 and 3600 MHz band. This above-mentioned frequency is used in the International stage but not in Nepal.

By conducting some further research, it is known that we can even use frequency of more than 3600 MHz. According to the budget and capacity of Nepal, the panel has decided to submit appropriate frequency for 5G in the coming week.

After the selection of frequency, NTA will distribute the service to the telecommunication company on the basis of the block and hence 5G service will be started in Nepal accordingly.

To sum up, Nepal Governement is very keen for adapting 5G technology in Nepal. All the countries over the world are trying to adapt to 5G technology because 5G delivers higher mullti Gbps peak data speed , low latency, more reliability , increase in network speed and many more. If Nepal Government can successfully achieve its plan then it will be considered as great achievment in the sector of Telecommunication in Nepal.

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