Why there is airplane mode in your phone? Things you need to know

Why there is airplane mode in your phone? Things you need to know

The airplane mode is functionally responsible to stop the entire cellular and some other connectivity on phone, tablets etc. This is the wireless function. When you use this feature on your phone, you will see the icon of plane activated on your phone. It is done by tapping the plane icon from the notification panel or from settings. After activating this mode on your phone you can’t able to use voice call service, data service and the Bluetooth connection service often the Wi-Fi service also.

Airplane mode is named because it was especially designed to make safe of the phone at a flight. The radio in your phone could radiate electromagnetic interference which can be obstacles for the operation of equipment and the mechanism on the plane. On another hand it also disturbs the service in the cellular tower in the land.  

Need of Airplane Mode:

When you turn- off your cellular service and Wi-Fi, your device is safe to use in an airplane, accordance to federal regulations and airlines’ rules. Business Insider has revealed the evidence that not activated-airplane mode mobile phones can really interfere with navigation equipment or with the performance of an airplane. Therefore, the Federal Communications Commission has made the rules for the passengers to switch their phone to airplane mode when plane is ready to fly. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is more sensitive towards the flaw for cell towers on the ground. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gives warning about the phones which are in the altitude of 40,000 feet in the air could pick up service from various cell towers, crowding networks and disturb cellular services.

What can your phone do in airplane mode?

Because airplane mode main function is to blocks the connection to cellular networks, it won’t be able to make phone call, sending and receiving text messages, or to use Face Time. Usually, there is no possibility to use internet connection because airplane mode will also switch off your Wi-Fi connection.

Time to use Airplane Mode:

Especially, this feature is introduced to stop the air accidents due to the smartphone. But it has various uses. It can be used for different purpose. Switching this mode saves the battery, and also helps to charge your device quickly. You can use to decrease the daily uses of social media, in case you use it too can use this mood to escape from the distraction when you are busy and so on.

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