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Why is my phone charging slow and dying fast? How to solve the slow charging issue on the phone?

Why is my phone charging slow and dying fast? How to solve the slow charging issue on the phone?

Is your phone charging slow? If yes, what might be the reason? What has cause this? We are sure you are here to know this and find the solution. And be sure, we won’t disappoint you.

Why is my phone charging slow?

There are several reasons for slow charging of the phone. Some most scommon reasons are:

Bad Cable

If you are using a bad cable, its obvious that your phone will get a slow charge. So, always check the status of your cable. You need to consider the cable frequently. We have a habit of using the same cable that we get on our phone. But is it good? Is cable working properly? You must check this.

Weak power Source

Have you tried charging your phone with computers? If yes, then you must have felt that the charging process is slow. It is because of weak power source from USB. So, for the next time, think to charge your phone in wall.

Port with Dust

Before reading forward, check the charging port of your phone.

Is there dust? Dusty port leads to slow charge of your phone. So, think of cleaning your phone regularly.

Old phone

It sounds bad but its true. If you have old phone, it means old battery and memory. The age of the phone also matters for the speed of charging.

Bad Adopter

This is one of the popular case for slow charge of your phone. If your adopter is bad, consider changing the adopter. This might solve your issue.

Old Battery

It’s obvious and common reason for the slow charge of your smartphone. So, think of changing your battery as well.

Background Apps

What background apps are running in your phone? Keep in mind that background apps are highly responsible for your battery drainage. Also, larger the number of background, less battery life.

FAQ about Charging of Mobile Phone

Why my phone is charging slow?

Your phone can get slow with many reasons. Fault in cable, adopter and even battery can slow up your charging process.

Does app also slow down ny charging process?

Yes, absolutely. Different apps usage battery and your charging process gets slower.

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