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Everything you need to know on “Drafting Orders”

Everything you need to know on “Drafting Orders”

Drafting Orders

  • The buyers decide to purchase the needed goods from the suppliers. The letter which the buyer sends to the supplier requesting supply of the stated goods is known as an “ order”.
  • Hints for Drafting an Order

1. Thank the supplier for his quotation, especially if they have offered special terms.

2. Give the details about the goods required: 

  • exact trade name, number size, design, colour.
  • quantity desired for each item
  • price

3. Give instructions regarding:

  • packing
    • shipment— truck, train.

 4. State the mode of payment

  • debit to account
    • cash to be paid on delivery



15, Cloth Market


March 10, 2020

 Robert Williams

Modern Textiles Ltd.

New Delhi

Dear Mr. Williams:

 Thank you for your quotation No. 111, dated 3rd March 2020 and the price list. Please supply the following items:

  S.N.   Description          Quantity    Rate(Rs.)      Amount (Rs.)

  1.    Popular Shirts 35      400            250         1,00,000.00

  2.    Newport Jeans 36      100           500         50,000.00

  3.   Popular Coats 40         100            1,000     1,00,000.00

                                                                          Total 2,50,000.00 

Goods are to be properly packed and delivered at Jind. Send your receipt on WhatsApp.


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